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I love the PulpMX show, but to call this one of the "All-Time" episodes is absurd. It is cool to hear the opinions and feelings that top level guys have previously kept to themselves that alcohol brings out, but it is hardly worth sitting through all ... more »

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and add AC to that list. That makes 18 guys that are expected to make the main every weekend. Going to be tough sledding for quite a few privateers for a while with 10+ guys vying for 2 "open" spots.

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I hope he isn't putting a lone 9 on the front and side of that bike. That said, it doesn't really matter. I just thought it was cool when we went back to his roots and used the 2 digit.

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How I Built This is a good podcast. Each one dives into how a company (mostly started in the last 10-15 years) started. I like hearing the stories of how these people persevered and made it work. Lots of interesting stories, and its even more "fun" if ... more »

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He is being transparent and people are bagging on him. This could have very easily been a PR " Joey suffered a practice crash and has a bruised wrist and will sit out this weekend" and nobody would bat an eye because he isn't in the championship hunt. ... more »

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I thought the article made sense, and I am fine with what has been decided by the riders / team. I do have a question though; Is there anyone that KNOWS how this unfolded, besides Kawi, AC and ET? Do AC and ET carry the weight to say to Kawi "look, we ... more »

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So career number: 450 sx/mx title or 250 sx/mx title or Top 10 in both in the same season - either class Career single digit: 450 sx/mx title 450 outdoor title 250 outdoor title is this right?

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Won't Ferrandis be eligible for a single digit as he won a supercross championship? or is that only if you win an outdoor championship?

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There is more than one way to use (ingest) it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would be desirable after a long day of motos. I would be highly surprised if a current racer does have the therapeutic use exemption for it though. I would not be surprised ... more »

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Start offering Instagram followers.. they seem to care about those

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That has be an extremely tough pill to swallow for some of these kids who had one shot at it. Your life for the better part of 10 years has been focused on making this happen. The factory has stood behind you for the last 5-6 years, you got the shot ... more »

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I think its awesome and love seeing the footage they produce. It is particularly good when there is a battle and you can see the line selection and really get an idea of how fast they are going. I like it and think (hope) it is going to be incorporated ... more »

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This was REAL easy for them to handout. Dock a position, but have no affect on the overall.....or the championship. One of these years there is going to be an incident that does affect the championship and there are going to be one pissed off party and ... more »

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Travis Pastrana would need to be in the conversation.

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Any word on which rounds will be East / West Shootouts and which will be Triple Crowns?

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I think you mean 2016 Southwick. Kenny was on a Suzuki and owning the outdoors. Southwick was one of the first times that year where anyone had anything for Ken...and it was awesome.

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Matthes tweeted that he heard Minneapolis was off the schedule this year. Really hoping it isn't true!

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Boy, going to be hard to turn a profit at that rate isn't it?

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Freddie taking a step forward his first week on a JGR bike was VERY unexpected. Good on him and good on JGR for making it happen.

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Hey Ricky!