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Why would you? Respectfully, aren't the insurance policies only taken out to insure that a team doesn't have to foot the large championship bonus should their rider win it? I've obviously never seen the income statements or balance sheets of a team, ... more »

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I know we say it every year, but that is a deep field. I see Deano in there, and it sounds like he is hoping for a comeback at A1, but I'd be surprised if he is his regular self. Regardless, it is going to be a feat to make it in the mains.

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Just finished listening to the Matthes podcast with Beeker and it was really good. He seems like a real down to earth guy and had plenty of stories about the industry. From MC, Chad, to James, JLaw, and Dungey.. lots of cool inside tidbits on the dealings ... more »

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If there is something that takes out the top 19 riders but 1 makes it through..isn't that worth noting / rewarding? I do agree that if there is a guy that is head and shoulders faster than anyone in the class, and he has a crash late in the series that ... more »

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This is not a crazy green tinted glasses take. What other twosome from any team would you put up against these 2 to have better combined end of the season standings? There are definitely formidable teams out there, but lets not act like this is an insane ... more »

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I see the thumbs up / down buttons have been removed.. lame On a separate note, if you're going to have an "all of the above" option it should be used after all things have been listed...but you probably knew that

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I think you should be drug tested

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The real question here is not "does a prepared Chad Reed have the ability to make the main at A1?"... its "Will Chad Reed be prepared for A1?" I personally don't really care for him but, feelings aside, he hung around mid pack all year last year and ... more »

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Gauld is always great on these shows. He's witty, has humility and isn't afraid to laugh at himself, knows when to speak up (and when to let others talk), and seems like an all around good time. I'd love to see him on the show more than the 1-2 times ... more »

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How many times did the guy miss a race let alone a whole (or bulk of a whole) series because of injury.. all while being a consistent favorite to win year in and year out. Look at the heads of the class for the last 4-5 years. Almost everyone has missed ... more »

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The 125 race "series" would feel a lot more real if they would simply televise it. You can take out the track preview before every single moto and maybe remove one of the features about how much a privateer loves his dogs or golfing. It is really cool ... more »

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Millville (admittedly the only one I've been to) is always a great experience. There isn't really 1 vantage point where you can see the whole track, but the track has it all from the infamous sand whoops, big uphills, downhills, doubles and tables. It ... more »

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AC isn't even the fastest guy in the truck let alone the planet. Adam is an awesome guy in our sport but lets not get carried away.

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Nash is the best call in guy on the show! He never complains, is always excited and happy to be on, and is a character.

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I like him! He's high energy, has his own strong opinions with (some) back up, and is very respectful. I feel like he prepares for the calls and has talking points..which is better than a lot of the people who seem caught off guard when they get on air. ... more »

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EXACTLY...who cares what he's doing? He was really good...a really long time ago. Have to respect him spending his own money to go racing, but i find myself rolling my eyes at most of the comments he makes in interviews.

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I thought Pala was pretty cool this year. If I'm remembering right it produced 1 (maybe 2) of the closest finishes of the nationals this year.

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If you have the SX/MX pass for 2019 will this work? Or does the pass expire at the end of the last national?

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It was discussed with Savatgy on the Swap podcast and if i remember correctly he was in favor of trying it. That alone doesn't mean it should happen, but guys in the class are aware of it and more must at least be willing to try it. It would improve ... more »

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Forkner is in the very unique position where he clearly has the speed box checked, but just needs to survive the series. There are not many guys that you can say "as long as he doesn't weed himself, he has a high chance of winning."