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My point is that there have been titles won by someone who wasn't the fastest guy, and it seems like its been happening a fair amount in the last 10 years. Titles mean you consistently scored the most amount of points each weekend -...and that your name ... more »

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Right now if Husky and Kawi both leave the dirt bike game and Eli and JA are both looking for rides next year, who gets picked up first and who gets paid more? I think we all know the answer.

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Who are the top guys in the running for the Nicky Hayden Horizon Award at Loretta's this year? I would have to assume Derek Drake and Jo Shimoda are in there... who else? Also, who are the guys we should be watching for to make some serious noise in ... more »

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Social media has greatly changed this industry. Some for the better and some parts for the worse. I would argue that largely for the better in that there are guys making money in the industry (722 , Stank-dog) that would have been spit out the bottom ... more »

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The record books are about who is the most consistent. To me, the fans want to see a guy that is faster than anyone else on any given day. If he ends up with a DNF because he was pushing the limits and crashed, it may result in fewer championships had ... more »

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Good for him. That said, more knowledge and perspective on life and racing seems like the opposite of what you need in order to keep up with the things the fastest guys do week in and week out.

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Your kid isn't going to know what hit him once you show him the concrete results from..... a Moto-related forum poll

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I liked that the 250's were able to make it. It's boring when they all decide that the double - single is the safest best way. Does anyone know the story behind it being called "the parking lot jump"? and why it may be controversial?

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Glad to see this got back on topic and didn't latch on to the "RC was way better than Stew, look at the titles!" direction. I love hearing the hype some of these amateurs bring and enjoy seeing them get into the pro ranks. It'd be great to see an extremely ... more »

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Pastrana is an all around likable guy that has done amazing things on a motorcycle. I really wish we would have been able to see a longer motocross career as he could do things / attempt things that others wouldn't even think about doing. I know he has ... more »

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By not racing down here he is already effectively serving whatever penalty will be handed down (even if it isn't for the next 12 months or more) The real crime is in the fact that Tickle cant go up and race the Canadian series, which has no affiliation ... more »

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Eli winning a race when he isn't actually the fastest guy on the track is the opposite of typical

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Thought I could overhear the track announcer say that he made his way to the alpinestars cart under his own power. It would be surprising after the way he was clutching his leg, but it'd be nice if he just had a stinger or deep bruise.

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Hopefully Eli remembers what is acceptable to do in a corner when it is for the overall

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Agreed. He seems like a nice kid but honestly, how many laps has he put in for Geico in the 15 months he has been employed by them? Why would someone else hire him until he shows that he can finish a race?

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That's too bad about for Marchbanks...he was doing really well this year.

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I always thought Eli's streak would end as the result of a crash or mistake. Marv straight up tracked him down and passed him.

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musquin going to be able to make the move??

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While this isn't that big of a deal seemingly, it was certainly a misstep by Kenny. These riders are paid, in part, for their presence on social media and Ken Roczen has one of the most followed accounts in the moto industry. When sponsors fight tooth ... more »

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The real question is, does he do well enough to keep the ride into supercross and the following outdoor season? It would be great to see him secure a ride with a team where he isn't wondering about the near future and where he will be.