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I would compare the hype his pro debut will have to somethng similar to the Alessi's (if he is lucky). LOTS of talk and a very succesful amateur career, but I dont think any of the top guys will be concerned with little dangerboy when he enters the pro ... more »

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I almost wonder if Brian is setting the scenario for this kid to be hyped, disliked, and (most importantly) talked about intentionally. The way the kid acts and the things he says certainly paint a big target on his back. If it is intentional, he is ... more »

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Why on earth is there an argument over who the perceived "team captain" is? Marv has been a great rider for them for 10+ years. He is on the tail end of his career and a phenomenal "B" guy to have. Cooper is the much younger guy that has established ... more »

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I think he needs to put a full season together with consistent top 5 finishes indoors and out. If he goes out there and crashes his brains out and takes himself out of the season for the 3rd consecutive year wont teams get a little gun shy about hiring ... more »

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Jett is an idiot for even saying anything about the dog in the first place. If he didnt like him in the first place and was looking to cause a little stir, I guess I get it, but thats the angle? Put a hard block pass on him, get aggressive with him on ... more »

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Know a guy that is a mechanic for a mid-level 250 team. He has had the scoop on a few other things in the past before they were public knowledge and was right. Doesn't mean he's right every single time, but I believe something at least has legs when ... more »

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JMart was offered 2 years on the 250 and then a 450 spot (a la Broc Tickle) by Mitch at PC. No word if it is happening as Honda needs to find or confirm a title sponsor, but the offer is out there.

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If Zach is leading at any time and AC is coming all he has to do is pull off and let AC go by. Your scenario would certainly be interesting if this were a championship separated by less than 6 points though.

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This question could be interpreted in a few ways. Is AC going to go in and kamikaze smash into Zacho, put him on the gound (maybe hurt him) to then almost guarantee that he wins it? No way. If he has the opportunity to put a little extra sauce on a block ... more »

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tickets still available?

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Maybe a dumb question, but is there confirmation this was the result of a crash or did he have some kind of 'medical episode' on the track?

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I thought the word was Masterpool was out. Maybe leading those laps made them have a change of heart.

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The real question is "when will Eli be in front and in the position to have to let him by?" AC probably does not have the pace to get by 2017-2019 beast mode Eli... but that is not who we are seeing right now and AC does not look like he'd have trouble ... more »

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These are awesome. I roll my eyes into the back of my head most times I hear him talk, or his kid say "hit the button to get the merch" but good for him. At the end of the day he's self made and earned it all. I actually can't believe how grounded the ... more »

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The original vision was his own deal that he was putting together, not hoping he would be picked up by some team. He was not going to be along side Ken or Chase..or anyone else on a factorty team. I think that the road to getting a team together with ... more »

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Good for this kid for coming back, taking some holeshots, and leading more than just a few laps. In this day where 25-28 year olds seem to rule this class its fun to see some younger guys (who the class is designed for) come in and be in the mix. I am ... more »

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I think (and hope!) drone footage starts to become a more regular feature in the broadcasts. They give a good perspective on how fast the guys are going, how close they are ahead or behind each other, and a great visual on the affect a different line ... more »

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I understand that they may miss some passes live but, come on, show us a replay of it...if you have it. And you are spot on with the fast lap. Who gives a shit about the fastest lap each rider has turned AFTER qualifying is over? Show us intervals so ... more »

Started new thread Mosiman in for this weekend? 8/14/2020 10:32 AM

Is Mosiman in for this weekend? I dont recall hearing anything about him being hurt but I am not seeing him on the entry list?

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Breaking up with, and not marrying, a monster chick while you're in your early 20's is the best thing that could have happened to him. Having a nice time with her while she was in her prime is probably in the top 2-5 things that could have happened to ... more »