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Reply to Bought myself a new dirt cycles 8/21/2018 4:33 AM

Nice one. I m about to pull the trigger on a 2 stroke after I rode a mates one last week end. Had never ridden one before and was blown away by the difference and the lightness of it. When I was looking at your photos I thought that the scenery looked ... more »

Reply to Bike weight 8/4/2018 1:02 AM

On the topic of throttles, is there a standard throttle assembly that limits travel/twist. I have a look at the g2 and motion pro but at $300 aud, it s a bit more than I want to spend considering I wil be selling the bike. All the above have interchangeable ... more »

Reply to Bike weight 7/30/2018 2:16 PM

Thanks for all the advice. Good to hear that it s not only in my head and the little voice saying to and speak with my wallet, get a 125 is real ?

Reply to Bike weight 7/29/2018 12:15 AM

thanks to everybody that replied. the difference between a 125 and my 250 four stroke is actually 13kg.I really need to get my hands on a 125 and go for a ride to see if it s worth me spending money for something that may be a placebo effect. funny thing ... more »

New thread Bike weight 7/28/2018 5:18 PM

Hi all, Wondering at what level do you really notice bike weight. Is a 10kg difference massive or 5 kg.... I have the feeling that my current CRF250R is too heavy for me, feels like the bike is holding me back for some reason. I can t really describe ... more »

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Reply to KTM 50sx not starting 6/27/2018 3:39 AM

How s the mx scene in mackay mate. I already struggle in the middle of summer with the heat but can t imagine where you are. Went to Townsville a few times for work, and gosh that was hot compared to Brisbane. I thought I was used to hot sticky weather ... more »

Reply to KTM 50sx not starting 6/26/2018 2:59 AM

Hi helder Thanks for the reply. I am in Brisbane. What about you?

Reply to KTM 50sx not starting 6/26/2018 2:26 AM

Sorry guys, got totally side track. Here in Australia, it s our financial year result in less than a week so been just smashed at work. Bike was good last week end. Started fairly quickly. Not first kick but did not have to be out of breath before I ... more »

Reply to KTM 50sx not starting 6/17/2018 2:41 AM

Just an update. The bike has been starting without too much difficulties over the last 2 week ends. Not forts kick but after may be 10 kicks. I switch the file off when finish riding and start it again until it drains the carb completely. Seems to help ... more »

Reply to 2019 YZ125 6/11/2018 7:25 PM

Thanks guys for the replies and confirming that the new yz is basically the same. I was really hoping that with the resurgence of 2 stroke in general, the whole new YZ65, that they would have put a bit more money and research and updated the YZ125 to ... more »

Reply to 2019 YZ125 6/11/2018 4:08 AM

Hey mate, Thanks for replying. Indeed it is. I did see it but very limited info. From this I assume that it got no major upgrades. Same as last year and many years before, hence why I asked here in case ?

New thread 2019 YZ125 6/11/2018 4:01 AM

Hi all, I am just about to pull the trigger on a 2018 YZ125 as they are selling ata good price but keep thinking about the 19 range. Does anybody have any information on the 19 YZ125 and if it s a major upgrade from the 18. If there is no major addition ... more »

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Reply to KTM 50sx not starting 6/4/2018 1:27 PM

526, you r spot on. Those little things are a weapon when they work but when they don t they are frustrating. I think the lifting may be true to be honest. Once I tried a few things but never started. I took it of the tray of the car and it landed roughly ... more »

Reply to KTM 50sx not starting 6/3/2018 1:56 PM

Thanks for replying guys. The little 50 has also had the spark plug replaced. I do get fuel to the plug as it s wet. Will check the vent hose for sure. Cheers

New thread KTM 50sx not starting 6/2/2018 10:57 PM

Hi all, My son has a 2014 KTM 50sx that I bought from a dealer. It started first go when I bought it but then after a few weeks it started playing up. Hard to start from cold but fine once hot. Replaced spark plug and that help. Then got worse and worse ... more »

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Reply to Help me out here “bike buying edition” 5/16/2018 2:30 PM

Or wait for the 19 us range. I am in exactly the same boat. Desperately want to buy a small 2 stroke and tempted to go with the 125/150 ktm as I really don’t want to pay for a 18 YZ that is exactly the same as the last 10 years. Hopefully Yamaha will ... more »

New thread Chains. Please educate me 5/14/2018 3:03 AM

Hi all and thank you for reading. My apologies if this sounds like a dumb question but how do chains alter the performance of a bike. I keep seeing questions about “ best chains” or read that the factory chain is crap and should be replaced..... Can ... more »

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Reply to 150sx or 250f? 5/3/2018 1:59 PM

Out of curiosity, when does the weight difference matter? Do you really notice 5 kg or 10 kg lighter on a bike? The 150 weights 87kg and a 250f at around 105kg. Cheers

New thread Oversized rear brake lever 5/3/2018 4:02 AM

Hi all, Wondering if there is an over sized rear brake lever for my little man ktm50sx? He keeps using the front brake and I see him trying to feel or locate the rear brake but he misses it a fair bit. I m thinking that a large rear lever might help ... more »

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Reply to Ktm 150 4/26/2018 1:54 PM

That s what I thought... afraid that riding an angry 2 stroke may be a totally different experience as riding a 4 stroke and due to my lack of experience may not result in as much fun as everybody reckons. I need to ride one before I invest $10000. I ... more »