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I love raw pipes, hate the upkeep. I measured the inside diameter of the exhaust flange and found a rubber expanding plug that fit. a wing nut on top allows you to crank it down. I took the pipe off whenever I washed the bike, kept it well oiled and ... more »

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Who used to build our SX tracks back in the 90s? Was it the same crew?

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What the hell ever happened to ESPN2, If I remember correctly we used to get all kinds of alternative sports on that channel when if first came out.

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My Dad." If you don't get your ass off that seat I'm gonna take it off" ( the seat that is) It worked, I stand like crazy.

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Insecure? He was on someone's Instagram post (I think it was PulpMX) defending himself over every negative comment made towards him. Hilarious

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Maybe he can make it back for the Nationals, I love it when he is on it outdoors. He can run with anyone outdoors if the stars align.

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Lost it when the new piston jumped back in the box, got the feels when they were looking up at the KX pictures. Really wonderful work.

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I would have cleaned the tits off that thing before posting though, geeze

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LOL this was unexpected

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Use 2nd

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damn that looks sweet

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"No matter how you feel, you are always responsible for how you act." Hard lesson to learn for some.

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That sucks man, and I wonder why I just want to ride Burleson every weekend lol, getting old bro.

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Wore through my tech 7 soles pretty fast a few years ago, found a sole replacement ad in the back of MXA. The replacement soles seem to be holding up extremely well.

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I'm so happy to hear he's doing well. My Paternal Grandparents came directly off the boat from Lithuania.Years ago I noticed AJ was from the same country as my family and I would always check the standings to see how he was doing.

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wow, the approach or face of that thing must have been all kinds of hammered.

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Couldn't find either of my 10mm wrenches for 3 months, bought replacements. 3 Months after they disappeared I go to put on my shop apron and in the front pocket there they are smiling at me. Now I have spares lol

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For the one dude that disliked the original post? How good did that smoke smell as she went past?

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The Jerry West of the motocross world.

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The lack of wear on the case says alot. I mean I can see the reflection of the rear brake lever for shit's sake. Frame wear looks minimal too. Looks like it was ridden in a field by a beginner. Great find.