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I have mine done by a professional tuner that uses Blud. I was the tuner in this case. I do suspension refresh for young people and Military that can't afford to pay a professional for free. My guy uses Blud so I tried it myself. So what you are saying ... more »

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The fork and shock oil works fine when the track is fresh but as the track breaks down the oil seems to overheat and the bike is a hand full to hold onto. I opened the forks at the track to see what the oil looked like and it was all foamed up, looked ... more »

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Most of the people that buy them are only using the outer tubes. I bought 4 sets and converted them to KYB and Ohlins. I usually wait till the price drops to $500. You could try separating them and sell the cartridges separate and ask $5-600 for the ... more »

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I have a set of Ohlins Cartridge installed in 2018.5 450 Factory Forks, Revalved by Lainer. I have 48 49.5 and 52 springs. $1500 plus shipping. Or Cartridges alone for $900 plus shipping.

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So I bought a 2020 KTM 450 SXF 450 and it definitely has more snap to my 2018.5 Husqvarna FC450. So I upgraded my Husky with the 2019.5 parts since I needed to change the piston. Doing a little research with part numbers the 2019.5 has an updated piston ... more »

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Got the Same kit that Technical Touch USA has straight from Europe at That includes the revalve and correct springs. You ... more »

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I bought a Vortex 10 ECU for my Husky and thought it made a difference but it just seemed to make it smoother but no real power gain. When I wanted to move it to my new bike they said I had to buy a new one because the mapping is different. I ask why ... more »

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