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Decoster has been around long enough that I Do not think you can doubt his competence in that position. Sure he can still make mistakes but the bottom line is he is good at this. Being boss of motocross at KTM you will have to answer to the board (They ... more »

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I’ve never been a fan of pretending a bike is a different brand because the plastics are a different colour but I do really like the look of these GasGas bikes. I just like red bikes and I love the idea of a more basic bike at a lower price because all ... more »

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He was about to go out into the world and make his place. Now for the rest of his life he will be chair-bound and dependent on others to take care of him. I reckon it must be extremely hard to come to terms with all of that. He's so young and has so ... more »

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Congratulations to all those middle aged guys calling others „Karen“ for being extremely hip and very much with the times.

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This is the problem exactly. Freestyle MX is a show, I hope that motocross is more than a show but a compétition of skill. For a competition the have integrity all rules should aply to all competitors equallly. Whether this applies in this case I dont ... more »

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Having myself 2 ruptured discs in my back I think this is one type of injury that's really worth taking time off to make sure you’re fully ready before coming back. I was in hell for a year but after properly building up all kinds of muscle around the ... more »

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Up until the moment he got launched he looked good, Hopefully it wasn’t as a bad as it looked .

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So Kawasaki spends some money to promote their motorcycle stuff and a guy even comes on here to post a link and all they get is some downvotes and a shitty comment? Fuck me

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The RMZ is good enough to go 15min on the vet track which is more than most on this forum can handle anyways. I don’t understand the bashing at all, motocross is so much more about the rider than the bike and the rmz is a fantastic bike with sound fundamentals. ... more »

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Poor Kilian, this sounds very serious. Wishing the best for him and his recovery.

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Ping was my favorite guest and co-host on pulp. I always thought that he should be on a lot more because he was always good. But I also knew that he was too busy to come on more often. When he started his own show I was bitter about it (for no legitimate ... more »

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if these comments represent the average pulpmx fan, I want out .

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It will always be a red ktm. Just like the Husky will always be a white KTM. It’s not about developing a new platform and selling it under the GasGas brand. It’s about getting more out of the platforms they already have.

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I don't think the guy is trying to "sabotage the race" come on. European Countries like Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland (probably others too) are currently cancelling public events which involve mass gatherings. And it just comes from the government. ... more »

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To clarify, I was talking about what's left after expenses.

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It’s crazy that everybody knows that even if you are a main event guy financially you will only make close to minimum wage without any kind of stability or security. Yet there’s always enough guys to go after it and fill the gates . each rider must know ... more »

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This is looking like it could get real good. Hoping for close racing and hopefully they have that camera on a trolley that goes along the side of the track with the riders

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He will be fine. Some of us think your argument is shit too. It must be hard for a mastermind like yourself to deal with all the commoners on vital.

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This is still going then. This thread has only made 2 things clear to me, Mr. Good seems shady and Gary was fast back when but now comes across like a bitch as an adult.

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I never owned a Yamaha motorcycle but I'm clavinova for live. I reckon that makes me at least a reserve member of the blue crew