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having a good play by play commentator makes the color analyst better... you see it in all sports - how do you think Tony Romo became so good so fast? Jim Nantz. surfing, they can't put pottz on an island, so they pair him up with golden tonsils Joey ... more »

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Dang, 250B is stacked

Added reply in a thread Did Decoster really ask Webb the question? 2/11/2020 12:15 PM

Did I miss something, or I thought Roger Decoster was going to step back and Ian Harrison was the new team manager? I saw Roger in person at the Astrodome once during practice - he had an entire section to himself, and we creepily sat a few rows behind ... more »

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Emig 47 nailed it in the comments - "Touchdown!" haha! I'd go with "...its fun to stay at the.. Y-MCA !

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I've caught great waves at Boca Chica... had great times, camping.. paddling across the channel, etc. it is a beautiful place, and adjacent south padre island is the best surf in Texas! I'm honestly sad to see the development... but lack of good jobs ... more »

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didn't Derek Harris build Masterpool's winning supermini? can't remember if he signed off himself or got clicked, but surprised there is no mention of his services (prompt or not).. we need some dyno shots up in here! haha

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the original video is some nuts footage, that guy sure made a valiant attempt.. so heavy.. I watched several times in slow motion, its a curse I have that I can't look away when I should.. thread loosely reminds me of a documentary I recently watched ... more »

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in his heat race, he ran one minute lap times every lap. in the main, he ran a few sub minute laps, which less than ten guys did all night.. I'm a fan.

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it says the 2 + 3 races will be available online somehow... "The network will also partner with MotoGP on an over the top (OTT) product (i.e. streaming) which includes coverage of both the Moto2 and Moto3 racing classes. It will also host ancillary content ... more »

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your car should be the hero's ride in the next Marvel movie... insane!

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I'm just glad that AC9 didn't "get a rear end full of his team mate"!!! haha!!

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Thanks, I was wondering what Pink and Carey Hart's kid was doing wearing gear when they showed them briefly on the broadcast.. Really surprised they didn't make it part of the TV show, but that would make too much sense, like showing the 2 stroke races ... more »

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Derek Drake made a lot of passes.. think I saw him 13th at one point, then all the way to fifth

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Signals. I wore that cassette out on my walkman.. I had moving pictures and 2112 on 8 track! haha

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now that you mention it, I inappropriately combined "moving pictures" and "signals".... been a while.. haha

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I saw Rush at the Summit in Houston for the Moving Signals tour, Neil naturally had a 15 minute drum solo that blew our minds!! R I P !

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found a pic of my CW phaze 1 Z frame/ bike.. still have it, although admittedly a little more rusty living on the coast. I had an original steel diamond back, that I swapped frames and forks with a neighborhood kid with... mega deal for me at the time,

... more »
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not sure if it is frowned upon to post videos here as opposed to sending to the home page.. but the video is bad ass!!

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My family lived and raced in the Denver area around 1980 for 2 years, and I find it quite rad that it sounds like the best tracks then are still going strong! My buddies Dad lives there still, and I can't believe the offers he gets for his house!