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Don't forget about Husaberg. Guy Cooper made those bikes look pretty good in the 90's and wouldn't doubt if Yamaha got a little influence that. You hit the nail on the head though. One of the big OEM's is undoubtedly working on an electric motocross ... more »

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Just read the article and it was a rather dumb write up, to be honest. No shit, factory teams aren't going to give you a ride if you aren't getting wins, podiums and staying off the injury list. Did anyone really think that a factory ride should be rewarded ... more »

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I'm sure travel and location of the riders are the reasons, but man I wish these podcasts were video podcasts with the guests actually in the studio.

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Not even remotely close haha. I got more of an Alice In Chains vibe on a couple of the songs.

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You can't compare it to stick and ball sports because they have been the same since their inception. If the players somehow magically starting making loud 2 or 4 stroke sounds and their farts made the stadium smell like race gas then a lot of die hard ... more »

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I have a Specialized Demo 8 II that I converted a little over a year ago. It's a freaking blast!!

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It's tough when it comes to motocross. There are numerous studies that have been done that show, without a shadow of a doubt, that men are way more likely than women to take "idiotic risks". The sport of motocross, in and of itself, is an idiotic risk. ... more »

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If they switched rides and Shane had a few weeks to get dialed in on the Alta, I don't see a different result in that particular match up. A top tier racer beat a guy that isn't. I don't think electric had a whole lot to do with it. I was hoping and ... more »

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Damn that bike sounds good!!

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Can you give an example of how the sport was/is floundering because of 4-strokes? Please don't say it's because how expensive they are because a brand new KTM 65SX is $5,000.........Is the average working class dad going to cough up that kind of dough ... more »

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Man, this legitimately sucks. Like when Cannondales motorsports division went belly up I 100% understood it because their bikes and quads were piles of garbage. These guys put out a solid, competitive motorcycle that opened up the possibilities for more ... more »

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Damn, that seems like it came out of nowhere. I felt like I was constantly hearing about these bikes, seeing people on here that bought them, etc and now they're belly up? Man, that's a huge bummer

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I disagree with having it at High Point. Pennsylvania weather in October is mostly rain. Would hate to see another US MXON ran in shit weather conditions.

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For a guy using Coors Light to re-hydrate (or whatever he drinks) I'd say he did spectacular.

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I'm shocked that anyone thought they were going to retract the million. They clearly didn't do this whole fan thing out of the goodness of their hearts, they did it to gain more viewers, get more people interested in the event and/or exposed to the sport. ... more »

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Perhaps a European can chime in on this one but I have a legitimate question. I know, from living in the states, that the most hailed name regarding dirt bike racing is Ricky Carmichael. What about across the pond? Is Stefan Everts more talked about ... more »

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Some of you guys are legitimately shit human beings.

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Awesome post!! Glad to hear you guys had a wonderful time!!

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Jesus Christ, here we go already with the announcer shaming threads. Are you going to be ok after watching that? Did Ricky's shoes match his outfit??

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I was born in '85 so I got to soak in all of the 90's. The music was definitely better, that's for sure. I still get excited as ever to watch or attend a motocross event, but there was a special aura surrounding 90's motocross for sure. It was definitely ... more »