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hahahahahaha that's fucking golden!!

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The Hangtown Massacre is the fastest we've ever witnessed anyone ride a dirtbike around a motocross track, period. Eli smokes a prime RC and Stewart by 40 seconds that day.

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He nailed it.

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Malcolm is fucking awesome. Love that dude.

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Were you expecting him to dab while he was getting tossed around or what? Fuck's sake.

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These guys are young so cut 'em some slack. Cooper could've easily gained a few fans by saying something like "I'm glad Cameron is ok and congrats to him on a gutsy ride" even if he didn't really mean it in the slightest.

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Maybe some guys just have, not so great, bone density. I've definitely grew up with kids that it seems like the dumbest, simplest fall or slip and they break a bone.

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Sorry, 20lbs of padding.

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Well clearly who ever cleared him was right. The dude raced, didn't cause any incidents and finished on the podium. Let's be glad you don't work for the A-stars medical crew.

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GTFO of here with the football statement. Those guys have 25lbs of padding on, do one play then pat each others asses for 5 minutes. This kid just lawn darted himself in a fancy T-shirt basically into a wall.

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Anderson was on a mission tonight. If Barcia would've tried racing him hard like that, Anderson would've punted him to the moon or crashed them both out trying. He had that aura of "not to be fucked with" tonight haha.

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There's been some discussion on here recently about electrics bikes. Many are against them. This is my setup in my yard and is why I bought an Alta. How much riding do you think I'd get in there on a gas bike before the cops were at my place? Half hour

... more »

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Holy fuck that song sucks.

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KTM's going to drop an electric motocrosser.

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You act like everyone who owns an Alta or will buy an electric dirt bike is doing so to save the environment......I don't believe that to be the case. I bought an Alta to ride on my property and not have neighbors bitching about noise and to sneak around ... more »

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I don't think we're going to see any radical track changes. If I were a bettin' man I'd say they want these guys bunched up and able to do the same lines to make the racing tighter so we're not getting the same dude winning a race by 20 seconds. I also ... more »

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You gotta start movin' guys Eli!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just vote for whoever Cardi B tells me to vote for.

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The deeper into the season we go it's become clear Eli gives zero fucks for whatever reason. Proof of that is the Daytona race. History was on the line by tying RC's record so we seen a completely different Eli. Had he gotten a shit start at Daytona, ... more »

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No it won't. There are guys that are good at riding super aggressive (Anderson, Webb, Osborne, Barcia) and guys that aren't. The guys that aren't good at racing like that generally end up wrecking themselves when they try.