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Ha! Good search, that's the one!

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Hydration is a HUGE. It will make or break one's ability and performance. Drinking plenty of water during the week is key. Drinking something with electrolytes during and after high intensity activity is beneficial in my books. I've tried many products ... more »

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Not a 300SX but there is a dealer near me with a 2023 250XC TBI sitting on the floor. Product must be slowly arriving.

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Helps keep your ride clean as well

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Fellow vet rider here. I'm fortunate enough to have both a modern 250 two stroke and 250 four stroke. I would say I go the same on both. They both have their advantages, but at the end of the day I don't think I'm faster on one over the other. I feel ... more »

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Some sensitive people all up in this place. I like the quick mock up you did, looks great.

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I have 3 buddies who own them. Incredibly versatile motorcycle if you do both track and trail. I've ridden them in a variety of terrain, very easy to ride and capable right out of the box.

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Suggestion for Moto Jack. Try to be more transparent with customers while taking orders from here on out. Let them know you are months behind. Absolutely no shame in being honest. At least give people a choice before they hand over their money.

Liked a comment on the item "Probably My Last Motocross Season... Unless a Lot of Things Change" | Eli Tomac - 2022 Millville National 7/20/2022 9:48 AM

In the moment I didn’t feel the vibe that Eli wanted to talk about it much more so I didn’t press much. His dad explained his thoughts in the interview I did with him a few weeks ago. One of the next rounds I’ll re-approach...more

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You could buy 4-5 brand new KX250's for that price.

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Can confirm. I have a buddy who used to work at a smaller shop. They stocked Fox for years. They went to place an order and were informed they were no longer able to purchase. How messed is that?

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I'm no chemist either haha. Likely best to contact fuel manufacturers to find out. I know a few people who are running Klotz fuel (can't remember the specific type) but it specifies 'uplon fuel lube' which is specified for fuel pumps etc. I guess it ... more »

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Leaded fuel will add additional protection to the valves. A good explanation from the internets. 'The lead oxide acts as a cushioning agent, and protects the valve and the valve seats. The lead oxide is also a lubricating agent. This reduces wear in ... more »

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Congrats on the new ride! You can run leaded race fuel no problem. You can cut it with a good pump gas to get some mileage out of it. No need to run it straight. I've never run oxygenated fuel so I have no comment on that. I've been running Maxima Synblend ... more »

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The exact reason why a clutch is still very necessary on a motorcycle, regardless of what type of motor is in it.

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ML, really appreciate the work you put into this. Reminds me of the days of buying every mx magazine as a kid and analyzing EVERY picture in great detail. It's all the nitty gritty us mx nerds can't see from just watching the races. Keep up the hard ... more »

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This right here, nail on the head. The forum would be SO much better if people could understand this principle.

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I was just discussing this yesterday with some moto friends. After Dungey's performance last weekend I wouldn't be surprised to see him take the title. I was honestly shocked by his 5th place finish, but it shows he still has it.

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Holy crap guys. I said I was asking out of curiosity FFS. I didn't even subscribe. Just reading ALL the comments about not being able to log on, watch etc. I asked a simple question and get bombarded with negativity, not an answer. I am not looking to ... more »

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I ask this out of curiosity. Is it possible to have a class action lawsuit against MavTV if they continue to not to provide the service the are selling? Is it worth it? Does it hurt the sport or hinder any potential future stream providers ? It's not ... more »

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