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Here's some strange physics. Grab a tennis racket and flip it like this guy.

Except flip it so it only goes straight end over end instead of twisting 180 degrees and ending up upside down. Good luck, nobody has done it yet.
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Not sure if it's true and I don't want to start any rumors but an industry insider once told me that the other side sucks.

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That's water volume, not size. Is that how lakes in Cali are measured? Lake Winnebago is 131,000 acres surface area, Lake Oroville is 15,000 acres.

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1. How to be gracious when you lose. 2. How to be gracious when you win.

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The tire issues have not even begun yet. Flooding and disease wiped out a massive amount of the natural rubber plantations in 2019. Planning ahead for the anticipated shortage, China paid huge premiums to secure themselves all the rubber they could get ... more »

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The first one? That is going back..

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For the original Ronnie Montrose actually had a guitar built with an integrated Theremin.

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Always keep some backup cards and maybe even a backup present stashed away somewhere for just such an occasion.

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Already legendary at big jumps:

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Never accept the first offer. I had a Buick totalled out once and arguing with them got me double their initial offer. Take the time to gather solid evidence, showing sales of comparable vehicles is best. The best part of my deal was that I bought it ... more »

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Johnny O'Mara ran out of gas on the last lap of the 1986 USGP at Unadilla, Bob Hannah won and Johnny O presented Hannah with the empty gas tank at the trophy ceremony.

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Great White did open for Priest on most of that tour. Quite amazing since Priest was the biggest heavy metal band in the world at the time and Great White was completely unknown, they wouldn't even have a minor hit for two more years. Anyway, this video ... more »

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I do not know the quality, but do not let the name fool you, they are made in Taiwan.

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So later in the race when he crashed, does anyone know what happened? All that can be seen on replays is him hitting a pile of sand and flying off his bike in the corner after the Leap. When he got to that corner was he already out of control from another ... more »

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I have found the old saying to be true far more often than not.... The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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Roczen probably didn't think so, but I thought it was way better than when every rider out there does it,

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Do those mirrors on your boots really work?

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Nice Khakis, are those Dockers?

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5th Amendment states - "No person.....shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself" You have to follow the bouncing ball to tie the pieces together: 1. In 2005, the DA did not have enough evidence to bring Cosby to trial, but ... more »

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I've had 5, first one when I was 17. They were all extremely painful, but #5 in particular was insanely worse than the others... the pain was literally making me hallucinate. I tried my hardest to pass out from the pain but that didn't work. Years later ... more »