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It’s for sale! I wonder what that house would go for in CA? Lake James Real Estate

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She in fact was listed on the search warrant that resulted in her death. Even if she wouldn’t have been, her address was listed as the address of the main suspect in the raid(Glover).. Also, “handling money” doesn’t mean she was hiding it in the Sheetrock.. ... more »

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So you seriously still can’t see why they would serve a warrant on this woman? It’s pretty obvious that she was AT LEAST handling $ for a drug operation.. AT LEAST.. Like I said, I think it’s an extremely unfortunate sequence of events.. Did she deserve ... more »

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Sorry, I have no motivation to “believe” one way or another. I’m a facts guy.. The reason this case caught my attention was I happened to read about her killing right when it happened, before it was national news, and I was amazed with how the reporting ... more »

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You really need to read more about the case.. This was a looooong running investigation. Police had been running surveillance on this group for over a year and she was neck deep in it. Cops had tapes of her and boyfriend from when he was in prison.. ... more »

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All of you guys saying Aldon doesn’t deserve as much credit are forgetting one big thing.. STATS. Look at Osborne. His best finish in a championship was a third in 250 west in 2015, and then rattled off three championships in a row once he joined Aldon. ... more »

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Hey at least he gave us a little insight into his training.. “Now, I’ve been pounding 40’s”

... more »
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Wise.. My grandfather told me something like this when I was a teenager, but like you it’s been a struggle for me too. Very good advice though, and certainly applies to social media or motocross forums even though my grandpa had no idea what either of

... more »
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What in that picture made you think of Hillary? Is she really still on your mind that much? Let it go dude.. I’m as independent as you can be. A man without a political party(crazy idea I know). I use common sense instead of voting for my “team”. I also ... more »

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We have a family friend who was born in South Korea and brought here at age 3 by his family. He still has family there and even has distant relatives in NK. His relatives in South Korea are VERY pro American like him. He’s cautiously optimistic about ... more »

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Ian Trettle there at the end. Such a talent. Who was #23 on the CR80 in Millsaps’ moto?

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Very cool. Always love your music posts. I see you are in Raleigh. Do you know Reed or any of the guys in Corrosion of Conformity? I know they all still live around Raleigh(except Pepper). Also Blake Richardson from Between the Buried and Me is from ... more »

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After thinking about it I wanted to add to my post. To the OP. I don’t know or need to know how much you are using daily. I believe if you have a few pill a day habit that you could wean off on just Kratom alone, but you will likely have to start with ... more »

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Used suboxone to come off of Oxys about 11 years ago when it first came around. Here’s what I’ve seen.. IF you have decided that you are actually done with the shit, then suboxone is a good tool to use. I’ve also seen people become even more addicted ... more »

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Hey Randy, I got an email back from vital when I tried to send you a message saying your address didn’t work.

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The only way I’ve seen it treated is with diet change and PPIs(Prilosec, nexium, etc). I’ve heard about a surgical procedure to help with the Barrett’s, but I’m not familiar with it. I use nexium for a course or two at a time. My uncle has to get the ... more »