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Stewart was by far my favorite rider to watch ever. His ability on a two-stroke was just amazing. That being said everyone drooling over seeing him out of shape and on a 125 now days would be sorely disappointed I bet. He's been off the bike for a long ... more »

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I’ve lifted weights my whole life. Uncle owns a commercial gym and he was into bodybuilding when I was young so by the time I got into my teens I was lifting at his gym. I couldn’t imagine not working out and being fat and overweight. I’ve never stopped. ... more »

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IN. Whew, wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. Is it strange that by the 4th page I stated to want a

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win! ... more »
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Yep deleted it and reinstalled. Tada lol

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The negativity is nothing new here. Been that way since the beginning. Couldn’t post a damn riding pic of someone scrubbing back in the day without a bunch of old geezers jumping in talking about “such a waste of energy”. Who cares! Lol

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I like them both. If I had my wish they would run in one big series and alternate like 3 rounds sx then 3 rounds outdoors maybe 4 different times and have one overall champion. I know it is very impossible but it would keep the racing fresh in my little

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When I was young and pretty quick I would cut the track on practice to get around slow guys so I feel his pain. However him making that mistake after the fact really sucks!! Hope he is okay. Tough break. Least he will have a cool video to show all the

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Taking the wife and kids and going with a group of bout 15 other people. Should be tits. Track looks nice! Hoping Kroc wins!

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Started out the price to seat time thing. Later got married had another kid, then got broke af. Now it’s all that plus I’m nearing 40 and just don’t give a fuck who’s faster than me or not anymore

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I'm not really sure on the training wheels.........I bought my son a 4 wheeler when he was 3 so that he could learn throttle and brakes. Lots of fun stories on that one haha. That whole year I worked on him riding without training wheels on his bicycle. ... more »

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I like Webb, I like Tomac, I don't like Webb landing on boundary markers after a mistake he made cutting the track and getting rewarded with a pass. Webb fucked up, then the panel of judges fucked up, clear case of they fucked this one up lol Best part

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Herlings is 6ft tall like 170lbs. Webb is little. Webb won't be spouting off to him face to face for sure. There was a photo at one GP last year of Herlings standing next to Tony C. after a race. It looked like Tony was his little goofy side kick or

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Hope if Herlings comes over Webb can bring the fight to him. I do kind of believe Herlings is the better 450 rider because of his size. He’s taller and prob stronger than Webb. Helps a lot with the added weight and torque of a 450. It’ll be epic if Herlings ... more »

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Damn!! Def time for some gaurd dogs and bullets.

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Mxsports should throw some bonus money at him to try and entice him. He will sell some tickets and gold packages.