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I guess I just don’t pay attention to the announcers lol

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Like someone mentioned, it’s a given who will be in the main event and who people want to see racing. We don’t need filler bullshit qualifier races for this. It needs a bit of tweaking, but the multiple mains is def the way to go. Also “mains” needs ... more »

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Was not a fan after his outdoor effort. This just tops it off. What a shit show lol

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The first two mains need to be the same length as the last mains. All mains need to be equal points paying. Maybe give the overall winner a little bump. It would be perfect to me then.

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It’s all good bro. We all got our preferences. It isn’t perfect, but I’m burnt on the old format. 2 motos scored like outdoors points wise is my personal opinion of what’s best actually. I can see how some don’t like it, but that’s just me.

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There were just as many commercials previously. As well as meaningless racing to go with it for the first 2 hours. This is way better

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It’s intense racing the whole time. I don’t care if someone can’t get a start. Their fault. Alessi woulda loved this shit lol

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I LOVE IT! Everything counts. Not a bunch of bullshit qualifiers. Actually worth watching the whole program.

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Damn this is sad. But yeah with the Internet sales age, this will continue to happen until we are down to hardly being able to go look at a new bike to buy one. Also I’ve heard of 2-3 malls in Houston area about to close up shop due to the Internet shopping ... more »

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That was good and funny. Gotta be the first bike of Brian’s I’ve ever seen that was anything other than a KTM lol

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What sucked mr. Puppy doggy, is how ktm had their dang plastic windows zipped up so couldn’t really see the bikes well. Pissed me off. Grrrruff

... more »
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He skid down a slope. Wasn’t that bad. Got lucky as hell. Who was it Ryan Hughes who duck taped up a broken leg to race? At southwick also I believe to top it off. Now that’s some tough shit.

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Omg he still had half a lever. Can’t believe they made such an ordeal out of that. Here I was thinking he came through the pack with no clutch use. Was all impressed. GTFO

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No more champion. Hurts peoples feelings if their person doesn’t get it. We are sensitive creatures and must get the utmost individual respect. Everyone is a champ now! If you compete, you get a prize and a swift swat on the ass! And if you don’t compete ... more »

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The big jumps to the flats were badass! Esp the one out in front of the mechanics area. They were flying off that thing. I don’t know how many times when I first watched qualifying I said “Holy shit!” Haha. It was one of the best Houston tracks I’ve ... more »

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Like someone mentioned, 3-4th losing inches here and there, okay could be partly the bike. 10th? no. I’d say it’s more him than the bike all day. His goofy ass was jacking around mid pack all summer with arguably the best 250f in the biz. Can’t believe ... more »

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As far as supercross goes. It’s hard and dangerous for a reason, and that’s why I like to watch it. People hauling ass around tough tracks that you and your mom couldn’t put around. Makes it exciting. If you don’t like watching the talent it takes to ... more »