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Yep, keeping someone in the box that recently raced or races is important. Once they are out of racing for a long time they just lose that edge on giving you the cool insight. Let’s face it. Racing today is vastly different from when emig did it. It’s ... more »

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Broke mine around 2000. In a cast for 9 months. Felt better but wouldn’t heal completely. They wanted to do this surgery but told me I would lose most my range of motion. I passed. To this day it can still bother me after a long day of riding. Other ... more »

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I know you already axed him. But nothing got me more excited to watch a as when “Bubba” was on the line. I dont know who James “hermit crab” Stewart is these days, but I miss watching the old him. I’ll throw in Kdub also for sure. When he was on he was ... more »

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1. That was a horrible crash. I hope the best for Tim’s recovery. Was really looking foreword to seeing him do battle with JH and TC this year. 2. Riders don’t leave MXGP to race our national series. They come here for supercross in the first place. ... more »

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That was awesome! Such a fun personality. We need more of this type of stuff. It sucks really only knowing the riders by their race results. Nice to see personality.

Added a comment about video Adam Cianciarulo's Vlog: Episode 3 - Outdoor Testing and Riding with RV2 2/17/2018 8:39 AM

That was awesome!

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Maybe after all these years being in front of the camera smiling showing charisma, and making silly YouTube dancing videos, he was really trying to just compress his inner hermit crab, and it’s finally taken him over lol

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It’s almost cool to bring one ear back out again

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Don’t forget trainers, riding coaches, and life coaches also! Plus pharmacists! All for the cheap price of free! Love it

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No champs period. It hurts peoples little feelers if their guy doesn’t get it. Shit is so ridiculous. Watch each round/race for what it is. We need a real champ at the end of the series. Someone to be respected for his hard work, grit, and determination. ... more »

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Blake’s little comments are pretty funny! Better than the typical robot replies. Oh look people, he has personality!

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Beat me to it

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In my opinion it took a lot more talent to keep an old two stroke on the pipe in the corners, and navigate them smoothly. Esp deep ass ruts.

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I used to wear asterisk. Got in a pretty good crash one time and one of the top members snapped. It was VERY sharp. All I could think about was if that had gouged my main artery and blead me out. Screw that. Never replaced them. Also have a good buddy. ... more »

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This is no shit lol

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Good call Davi. All the best. One thing about riders of this caliber retiring a bit early. One door closes. But I bet like 10 more open full of cool things they can go and do for a living.

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I remember watching that race countless times on VHS as a teen. Recorded everything back then. Couldn't believe he launched it off that....

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Something else go on between them two? Jason’s always been an aggressive rider tho so doesn’t suprise me. I just would not do that to the guy I train with all week..