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Third, 1/3, 3rd that. Longmire is the best series I have ever watched. I didn't want to watch the last few episodes because I didn't want it to end. On a side note, I always wanted to visit but I'm now scared shitless to go to Wyoming. lol

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Shit! now you have to fix the ceiling and around the windows. Which is the reason that most people that do remove plaster do not remove it all but go for an artistic look more than a solid clean look of either surface. Like in your second picture by ... more »

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See, I would have hit the like button for that. I thought I left my keys in my old pants.

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I used to love getting on the DMXS chat room and chatting it up with the guys, and sharing our picks with one another, especially during the nationals. It was a blast. Then motosport messed up the game for a season and I lost contact with all of them, ... more »

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I agree. I met this guy at the airport during a layover in San Francisco. He was super cool and I think he enjoyed that I had no idea who he was. I met him while eating. Next thing you know we are sitting around bullshitting, laughing and hanging out ... more »

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I'd just like to see him put Anderson on his ass just one time. I'd jump up and down. I'm tired of seeing Anderson be such an alpha dog when it comes to Seely.

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Ride it a couple of times and it will be worth about $1200.00. I'd like to have it though. I'd pay 3 grand for it, just because I'm in to KX's and have 3 others. I have and prefer the 97' model over the 98 but that is just me.

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I thought it was a great track during the timed practices. I couldn't wait to watch it raced on tonight. I totally didn't think it was going to be one lined and everyone following the same lines.

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Was he willing to ship it domestically, or ship it at all? I ask because if he is willing to package it, all it would take is a few signatures on his part and a pick up like any other freight and it will be on its way using a freight forwarder.

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Emig doesn't bother me much. But why the hell does he always say, so and so grabbed to much front brake every time someone washes a front end? That drives me crazy.

Started new thread What did you do between races? 1/20/2018 8:27 PM

I watched the first 450. Then I got up and fried me a spam and mustard sandwich, brewed pot of tea. I sat down and ate it, then I went and got a cookie for desert. I ate that. I then went and got some hummas. It was plain and I didn't like it plain, ... more »

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In the last couple years? My portfolio is up more in the last year than the previous 7 combined.

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A1 was the easiest track we've had this year.

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If you only ski 3 or 4 times a year, just use your mx goggles and don't worry about it. It isn't like they are going to ruin your day or anything. I've used moto goggles to ski with since the 80's. If they are going to fog up, the only place they would ... more »

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I haven't gotten a chance to view the article yet but have read a few of the comments. It really isn't that confusing to me how they moved the blocks. To me it is harder to figure out how they jostled them around when manufacturing and shaping them. ... more »

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I prefer by far CTI. I have had several pair including both custom fit and the Edge model that is just sized. I like the Edge, if it is a choice for your insurance option, it is not a bad choice, even if it is not custom fit. You can have a therapist ... more »

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Before they can rule you, they must first control you.

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Singapore is great, my favorite place to get stuck at in Asia. It is like an Asian starter kit and it has a mesh of just about every culture, SE Asian, Chinese, India, Western world. You won't have any trouble finding something to do, or eat. You can ... more »

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Something doesn't look right.... There, Fixed it for ya