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Stick around the track and you might see RC cutting laps on the new Honda.

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Not just that but I saw on Netflix last night that it was number 8 on the top 10 in the country list. That is really disturbing.

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If you are like me, I haven't finished watching Cobra Kai yet. I'll be back later.

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Man times are so shitty for so many and a lot of times we lose site. I wanted to share this just because it made me feel better when I watched it. It is one of my old school buddies, riding buddies still kicking ass after all these years. It is about ... more »

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Wasn't last year the first year for Gold pass? 3 or 4 years ago it was free

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Isn't he the guy that kicked RV's ass in Redbull straight line?

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Man,that is wack! If I won the 250 Daytona SX, I would be a legend the rest of my life, rolling it Al Bundy style until I was 100.

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That is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

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I've had an HP Pavillion for like 6 years and it still fires up and works like it is new. I haven't had a problem with it, not 1. Except I flew to Mexico City once and went to open it in a meeting and it started updating. That sucked. But I think it ... more »

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Just go for it and start with a revalve $400 -$600. You don't know what you got until its gone and you don't know what your missing if you have never had it. The biggest thing from a good revalve is the ability to handle a big landing and the feel of ... more »

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Don't forget the fun factor of skinning your arm with a recurve. I used to do it all the time as a kid and it hurts like hell.

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Thanks, I'll give them a call today.

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I have a friend that contacted me today about getting a bike for his son. He is 16 and has never had a bike before and has barely rode but they are looking for a 250f, no particular brand. They have around $6G to spend and are looking at finding something ... more »

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I have a couple of my pillows and they are ok. I have I believe a beauty rest pillow that I like much more. But here is the kicker. I also have 2 of the my pillow mini sized pillows. They are like 10 inches x 12 inches and they are absolutely awesome. ... more »

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I'm thinking Exon Gas Gas would be a cool team.

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You guys mentioned about every Leonardo movie while leaving out his two best movies in my opinion, Blood Diamond and Departed. I thought both of those were great movies.

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Wow, you guys beat the shit out of Frank's funny ass joke. I just have this image of captain obvious from the commercials with the Gaddaffi looking uniform walking around with a stick in his ass and slight limp. Maybe we should dig deeper and see if ... more »

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Shaped carve is for sure a dying art. Shape Carved, deep shaped carved and laser etching is what we specialized in. We have done some amazing deep shaped carved roses. There is still a lot of deep shaped carving going on but it comes from companies that ... more »

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Crap, this is an older post. I have the perfect solution and have done inlays like this in the past. I used to own a monument shop. So even if you don't happen to own a monument shop this is still a great suggestion. Take the tiles and inlays into a ... more »

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I'm curious as well. Since there will be no fans and the liability of fan safety, it would be cool if they implemented some cool designs that would other wise pose a risk to fans. Like big berms that go into the stands and hi-low sections ect. I hope ... more »