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Yeah much love for Voss, he quietly flew under the radar.

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what a great race!!!

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Don't worry about it, there is no mention of America or any reference to North America in the book filled with contradictions. I'm sure we can find a contradiction to a mark if we look hard enough. As for me I don't worry as we'll probably be nuked or

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My wife is a cancer survivor of 3 years. Unfortunately the woman who spoke to their woman's group, and gave her the awareness to check herself, died from cancer last year. It's very sad as she too was 36 with a 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter. ... more »

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hey y'all... I just noticed this Texas Forum but here is a podcast we're doing out of Rockwall, East of Dallas. We will up and running next week consistantly but have been taking a break for the holidays. 58MXLive - Christmas Spectacular! Jeff Alessi, ... more »

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Robbie has some serious cajones, its good to see the boxes in front of the landing ramp, now hopefully he doesn't whiskey throttle. No matter what it's going to be intense! and crazy!

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She looked way better in Enchanted, I guess they geeked her out so much for Talledega nights.

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