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Reply to Who Is America 7/28/2018 1:44 PM

I can't wait for the episode with Sarah Palin is aired. She's so pissed she wants to sue him and Showtime for it. So, it must be damn funny.

Reply to dna study proves Darwin and evolution wrong 7/28/2018 1:39 PM

My observation - Those whom believe in creationism are generally the same bunch of idiots that believe vaccinations cause autism. The only real thing we can ALL be sure of is that once we're born, we all die in the end. There's no way out.

Reply to Washougal MX - Race Discussion 7/28/2018 1:22 PM

First motos on MAV Tv, 2nd motos on NBC Sports late tonight? Jesus H.....are the nationals ever going to make it past the 1990's with this shitbox TV scheduling?

Reply to Washougal MX - Race Discussion 7/28/2018 1:17 PM

Is this race on TV today?

Reply to Steel frame hardtails mountain bikes 7/7/2018 9:19 PM

I sold my Salsa El Mariachi single speed a while back. Loved that bike and will likely get another one at some point.

Reply to Any backcountry hunters or explorers? 7/7/2018 9:16 PM

Garmin InReach is the hot ticket for what you'll be doing.

Reply to Anyone watch daytona? 7/7/2018 9:14 PM

That dipshit Stenhouse ruined a lot of people's nights tonight.

Reply to Inside Motocross Magazine Issue #2 7/6/2018 5:51 PM


Reply to Jerry Robin denied entry for Red Bud 7/6/2018 5:45 PM

Bummer deal. Was ready to watch Jerry fight hard for 27th.

Reply to 4th of July plans ? 6/28/2018 8:49 PM

10 lbs of tannerite and a couple hundred gallons of oxygen/acetylene bags.

Reply to To the guys who fish.....Switching from Spinning reels to Baitcaster reels. 6/28/2018 8:43 PM

We do some kayak tournaments up and down some rivers. Fun stuff, but tough.

Reply to If you could watch any rider in their PRIME for another 3-5 seasons? 6/14/2018 8:05 PM

Bayle or David Bailey.

Reply to If you could watch any rider in their PRIME for another 3-5 seasons? 6/14/2018 8:04 PM

RC would have to run out of gas for Hannah to stay with him.

Reply to Swinkster passed today. 5/17/2018 9:00 PM

That was 93.

Reply to HBD-TFS 5/17/2018 8:53 PM

It's too bad he never got to write his book.

Reply to Weege Podcast question 5/17/2018 5:07 PM

Weege is a good dude.

Reply to Jim Hale passed away 5/17/2018 5:03 PM

Yep. I have each of those issues autographed by Bayle, McGrath, Kiedrowski, and Bradshaw. Each are vacuum sealed in their own plastics. Rumor is, there's an entire pallet of all 4 isues sitting in an unnamed warehouse somewhere in Temecula.

Reply to Steve Cox running for Congress.... Is GuyB next? 5/16/2018 3:30 PM

Is his campaign slogan - "I'm always right, dummy!" ? Or maybe - "I know everything. Seriously, just ask me." ?

Reply to KTM Statement Regarding Broc Tickle 5/16/2018 3:17 PM

Link to GoFundMe for Broc?

Reply to Rv rookie jersey 5/11/2018 12:07 PM

I have his last amateur jersey with the 615 on it. Autographed, too.