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2020 Cannondale Systemsix Ultegra.

Still need to slam the stem/cut the steerer tube
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Polar M400 for me. Love it and it works well. Only complaint is that syncing is hit and miss with my phone

Added reply in a thread 2018 crf250r hydraulic clutch? 4/9/2018 4:12 AM Not a "real" conversion but Im considering this for my 17 450.

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Miss this bike.

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Had a tri malleolar fracture of my right leg 3 years ago. Id highly recommend SG-12's. Excellent support and the hinged ankle has saved me a few times. They also seem to last forever. Id also highly recommend getting the hardware out if its possible. ... more »

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Carson Brown

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Honestly guys, Im blown away with all the congrats and experiences you've shared with me and I cant say thank you enough. I wish I could hit the fast forward button to early next year, but itll come quick enough Im sure. Sounds like this, as I anticipated,

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"mikec265 wrote: If you can realize its ok to be more of a vet rider, then you will be fine. Just don't ride as close to the edge of your ability. Have fun, get a good workout, and go home in one piece. I have 2 kids. 3.5 and 7months. I toned my riding

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Thats exactly how I feel right now. Baby/wife/homelife are 1st. Me 2nd. The well being of those two are paramount to anything else I do. Im already seeing a change with the hormones and were doing the best to be open and communicate.

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So I got the news recently that Im going to be a father. The overflow of emotions is pretty crazy, but Im more excited than anything right now. My girlfriend has ridden since shes 4 and comes to the track with me regularly. She adamant about me riding ... more »

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The assault bike is the newer version of the Airdybe and what most Crossfit gyms (including the one I work at) use. Its built a little better than the new ones and turns a lower RPM that makes it a bit more difficult. But I agree, the Assault/Airdyne ... more »

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Haha. Same here. Im pretty sure you and I talked on the line at the Albion O-cup? My names Eric. I was on a black Top Fuel with a Trek jersey. Love the bike. Well have to hook up for a ride at some motos this season.

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What province are you in? Took a hiatus from riding last year and raced Master Sport at a few O-cups here in Ontario. Found that it made riding at the end of the year much easier when I borrowed a buddies bike. Looking forward to balancing both this ... more »

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Any links for a free/live stream? Dont have Fox Sports....

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How has your off the bike training changed from working with Baker to Peter Park? Who's or Kenny?

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Malcom and James both deserve a ride, but you know what, sometimes the odds don't work out in your favour. If its a result of wanting too much money, not racing outdoors, etc. Well never know. But thats life. What drives me up the wall however is the ... more »

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From K-Roc's trainer. Having personally coached at a Crossfit gym for 5 years, raced at a high level on Mountain bikes and having a big background in Moto, I really see eye to eye with this. ... more »

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Twins (Minus a level, tires and some plasti dip)

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I rode one about a month ago and loved it. - Little to no vibration compared to a 2011 Sx250 Ive owned previously with phds bar bmounts. - Suspension was the biggest improvement. Felt very similar to the SSS on my 16 YZ450 (Last bike I owned). - Gearing

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