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Just to give you guys a perspective about things: Here in Finland we have an involuntary "offroad vehicle traffic insurance" for non-street legal mx- and enduro-bikes, which also compensates theft and fire damage. The level of compensation of the insurance ... more »

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Damn, my bad. I Should have checked the official results before posting.

Everything's fine then.
New thread Alex Martin - Minneapolis 2/11/2019 7:12 AM

What a bummer... I'm feeling for him right now, even though I'm rooting for Cooper also. Those lost points may cost dearly at the end. Had a fantastic race going till that point... I guess the "re-entering the track at the closest safe point" rule doesn't

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New thread Offroad game developers PLEASE watch this video (RDR2) 12/3/2018 4:11 AM

The dirtbike video games have taken huge steps in the recent years but still I would like to see a bit more realism in them. Everytime I play RDR2, and ride through the insane forest and mountain trails with my noble horse, I can almost taste the feeling ... more »

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Let me express my feelings: F******************************************************************************************************************************K!!! Thank you.

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Not really a big fan of Herlings off-track, but after seeing him race at our local GP in Finland last weekend, for Unadilla i'm calling something from 10 to 30 second gap to second place. The kid is crazy fast. You gotta see it to understand it... The ... more »

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What movie is that gif from? Looks just the kind I like. Crapping my pants, i mean.

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No relation to Mika. Mika was a good friend... Goodspeed to him. Started this last race of his with a little too low number.

New thread Winter riding from Finland - Video 2/13/2014 6:16 AM I apologize for the Finnish language. Try to ignore it.


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Reply to Has anyone tried mx in the snow? 11/25/2013 11:10 AM How about Winter enduro? Studded tires, specially made slippery soles for the boots, and lots of anti-monkey butt powder between the cheaks. Sounds like fun? Well... It kinda is.

New thread Eero Remes - Crazy fast Finnish rider 9/23/2013 12:27 PM About half way in the video, he really starts to let the TM rip! He's gonna be a real contender for the E1 title at the WEC next year. Mark my words.

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He's riding the 125 European Championship-class. A kind of a stepping stone class to the big leagues.

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I will go with: 1. Villo 2. Reed 3. Dungey 4. Barcia 5. Stewart 6. Canard 7. Windham 8. Weimer 9. Millsaps 10. Tickle

New thread Rush hour in the top 10 11/6/2012 1:42 PM

Villopoto, Dungey, Reed, Stewart, Canard, Barcia, Windham, Weimer, Millsaps, Brayton, Short, Alessi, Grant, Wilson, Tedesco, Tickle, Rattray, Chisholm, Hill... IMO all in the list have a good chance at scoring a top 10 every weekend. It's not fun to

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