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To be living in a lawless society, I sure have filled out ATF Form 4473 enough times.

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Yeah, no kidding. Supercross has always been two hours of qualifying in prime time. Whose idea what that? For lots of the events, the racing that actually matters doesn't come until about midnight on the East Coast. Enter the DVR -- I just skip to the ... more »

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Four years ago the UCI World Cycling Championships were held in the same town where I live. On Friday night, the night before the women's elite road race, I rode two laps around the circuit at night in the rain (with a helluva lot of other people). A ... more »

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This question is an annual source of amusement for me, especially when you juxtapose it with all the "experts" who're always telling us that AMA motocross is (magically) so much better than the GPs. (This includes the elite Ironman Deniers and the still-active ... more »

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This preoccupation with claiming a low number is so jerkwater. One's number is one's identity. F1: 44, 5, 7, 3, 33 MotoGP: 46, 93, 99, 4 MXGP: 84, 222, 461, 243, 99, 41, 46 Everybody knows who these people are. We don't need a special category of numbers ... more »

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Remember that? Prado was a fill-in rider, and he gave Herlings fits at Assen. I wasn't sure if Herlings was ever gonna get around him. But Herlings was also back from a broken collarbone, and I don't think he was right for the remainder of the 2016 season. ... more »

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Yeah, that's the way I wrote it up. I'm assuming he dislocated his hip during the same crash, but it's hard to keep track with that guy. EDIT: Collarbone (Teutschenthal), finger (Uddevalla), hip (qualifying race at Loket). Jeez.

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It's 100% about the Americans losing. And as others have pointed out, MXGP has lots of injuries, the opposition is always fractured anyway, and, as it stands now, the Americans would have a really good team. This is kinda like calling for dissolution ... more »

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Thanks. I had no recollection of 2010. You're right, 2015 was actually two injuries. He broke his collarbone at Teutschenthal, then, two weeks later, he had the crash you're describing. Correct? (I edited the original entry, because I want a quick reference ... more »

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This is a quick reference to Herlings' injuries as a GP rider. Thanks to those who helped me out. 2010 (MX2 debut season): Missed the final seven motos of the season with a shoulder injury that required surgery. Finished sixth in the championship, but ... more »

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I agree with you, but Honda also ran three bikes in 2016. Paulin and Bobryshev were officially HRC, but Gajser had moved up with Garibaldi, which was in reality the third full-factory entry. Since then, of course, Garibaldi has inherited the HRC label. ... more »

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"the most prestigious dirt bike Championship in the world is still the 450 Supercross Championship" Hahahaha, keep telling yourself that. Supercross is the bottom-feeder's series, where they pander to people who neither know nor care what real motocross ... more »

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I don't come here much, but I think that post won my "stupid comment of the day" award. You're right, good racing doesn't necessarily mean it's a good track. I hope I never see Pala again. But you never know where a good race might pop up; occasionally ... more »

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MXGP allows full-on prototypes, so they can alter anything they want. What they actually choose to do is another matter. I'd surmise that low-volume "works" parts require a lot of expense in manufacturing and testing.

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I don't think he was suggesting that electric start is somehow revolutionary. I think his point was that the bikes are heavy despite LACKING electric-start hardware, which is a fair point.

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I think that's it right there. Plus Cairoli has a edge in race craft -- he doesn't crash as often, and he certainly doesn't crash as hard.

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Prado would terrorize the American 250 class. Then he'd probably terrorize the 450 class. There's no Herlings to overcome in the US, and I suspect Prado would take down everyone before too long. That kid is crazy good. Lawrence is good too, and he was ... more »

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I was thinking the same thing. At the MXoN, Jorge Prado finished ahead of ... lemme see ... Tomac, Plessinger (twice), Ferrandis (twice), Roczen, Barcia. Not a single AMA guy finished ahead of him in two tries, no matter what they were riding. Hunter ... more »

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In the early days, Rahier and Watanabe (and others) rode the works RA, not the RM. They used to market production bikes by associating the brand (and color) with racing, but not the actual models.