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I went from tc250 to 350sxf to 450sxf fe and then back to 250sx and after that i can't even think about going back to 4 stroke. New generation 250sx/tc250 are really really good bikes, if you know how to ride one you can compete with 450s. But if you ... more »

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That is BRUTAL.

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Congrats! Best looking bike ever made IMO. It's a blast to ride too! Enjoy 😊

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Tough class and tough track but that's not too bad for a first try actually. Would be cool to see him race the whole emx125 season next year.

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Maybe it would be better if red cross flag made you roll the entire section instead of just to the place of incident? Atleast it would be easier for race officials to catch those who jump.

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It's hard to move forward when your leading most of the race. I didn't see "80 years old Reed" leading alot. I'm pumped for deano, hopefully he can build on this.

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I was able to test ride both of these bikes and IMO kawi felt much better. Better handling, felt lighter, good engine. Bike felt very agile and easy to ride. Hydraulic clutch was nice too. Husky was a bit too soft on the engine side and maybe because ... more »

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I have never been interested enough to watch the whole event before but now i watched this twice in a row. So much fun watching those 2 strokes and all riders just sending it. Heck, 2 strokes are back BIG time! Sick bikes and awesome riders! Thanks Redbull ... more »

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This. Try different body positions to find out which works the best for you. Also pay attention where you sit on the seat. I like to sit pretty much on the footpeg line. And as evoracer said, hurry up with that 3rd gear. It's very important on 250 2stroke. ... more »

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Instincts tend to run one size small, atleast for me. My casual shoes are 9 and instincts i used size 10.

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Instincts are light and very comfortable boots but not very protective. I rode instincts for 3 years but now my bad ankles scream for more support. Tech 10 gives much better ankle support yet still they offer pretty good feel. And you get used to bootie ... more »

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I think that FWW is kind of useless with these 2017-2019 sx/tc bikes because you can make it very smooth with powervalve adjustment and map change. But let us know how you like it!

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I had 350 and wanted to get a 450. Then i bought 450 and wanted to go back to 350. After that last 350 i got 250 2stroke and it's the best decision i have made. Actually i feel that 250 2t is quite competitive even i am racing with 450s, atleast here ... more »

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Nice bike! Go rip the heck out of it. Oh and post some pics of the bike with bill's on it ?

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And their whole winter training is done mostly in mud/wet sand?

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I think prado gave herlings more of a battle at his first mx2 race in assen than ferrandis ever did ? and that was 2016. I like ferrandis but i think prado is just as fast as him.

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As said above, black throttle cam make big difference. I used 52 tooth rear sprocket. Put fmf silencer on it and it's ready to rip.

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Why do you guys hate so much? ? i mean, some of you are saying he doesn't have that drive or heart anymore and when he shows he still does and battle with marvin, you aren't happy either. They are supposed to be teammates next year, but now they are ... more »

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I haven't ridden husky but i have 2018 250sx and tested 2019 250sx and didn't notice much difference. 2019 was a bit slimmer between knees but other than that felt pretty much the same bike to me.

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Congrats! I have 50+ hours on mine and runs perfect. Awesome bike.