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I have yet to find an IPA too bitter for my liking

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That's the outer race of what used to be your bearing. The Yamaha and Suzuki 80/85 models were known to have soft aluminum on the hubs, once they groove out from bearing failure you should replace them. FasterUSA makes a strong billet aluminum replacement, ... more »

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QNR - Bradshaw YZ-125 Throwback Build

FasterUSA hubs, not sure why they get labeled as "other"

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Oh now this is clean!

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Got our hands on a pretty roached bromobile of a 2002 CR250 recently. I heard a while back that these cases were discontinued/unavailable new, there's no source that's come about for these somewhere is there? Worst case scenario we're just going to get ... more »

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There is a MAP Policy that RK Excel forces companies to abide by when advertising their products for sale online. I know it sounds dumb, but companies are supposed to list Excel products at those high retails when selling them individually online. Please ... more »

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I'd probably spend some money with Jesse James. I like his style in both motorcycles and firearms.

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Steve Christini does some really cool things

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Front hub is different for 2019

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Nice! I haven't really been checking the build section as of late, but now I will be

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That isn't true. Excel still makes their aftermarket Takasago rim in their Japan factory. I've never heard of a factory being located in Thailand, but I have heard of one in Malaysia which is where they make the stock rims and also their Notako rims. ... more »

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10K is a major stretch

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The rims are what's causing that, assuming you've torqued the spokes correctly. It'll keep happening too, because the rims are soft as butter due to both cheaper and lighter alloys being used. The spokes are worth replacing as well though, because one ... more »

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Very interesting.

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Should be 6205 for the rear, and 60/28 for the front.

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1.85 is typical of Japanese 125's, you can use either.

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"One more" is the n-word of motocross

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Have you tried Central Wheel Components? They're located in the UK, so is Talon.

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Haha do what you what you think will look good. Gold rims wouldn't look too bad either. Look for cracks before you lace them up, rims (especially OEM ones) can split with age and powder coat sometimes hides it from first glance.