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Posted this poll in 'Non Moto', but was told I'd receive a better response over here. I was talking about the shape of the Motocross industry with the boss today, and I hate saying it, but I'm starting to get a very 'black pilled' view of where our sport ... more »

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That's the whole reason I went with the Arai over the Shoei. I didn't want a helmet with those rubber shock absorber things, I'm not entirely convinced they're that effective. Arai just makes a damn good helmet, and they've done so for a long time. I ... more »

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Thanks guys, we're trying!

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Over two months since our last update, and not much to report unfortunately. Communication with the magazine is pretty much non existent at this point, and I don't really know what their plans for this project are anymore. I'm one of those guys that

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Ryan Hughes was one of my heroes growing up, and I still have the utmost respect for the man.

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I love reading utopian phrases like "If I had my way, I'd ban all guns". Yeah, I'm sure banning all guns is really gonna make gun crime disappear over night. The gun fairies show up at every household, turning everyone's fully semi-auto bolt action AR15's ... more »

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Great tires, lightweight too. I love the Softs for front and rear (I ride Cahuilla, Pala, Perris, Glen Helen), but I chunk knobs like crazy on the rear after a few good rides. The fronts hold up surprisingly well for being a soft compound, my last set ... more »

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Corn Huskers Lotion. Stuff works wonders.

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Had a '13 250SX I bought new that I absolutely loved initially. Sold it after a year and a half, bought a new '14 YZ250 and never looked back. The KTM was fast, had great brakes, but it just had so many weird issues and eventually it left me not trusting ... more »

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Hard to say for certain without measuring anything. Looks like it could be a YAM or SUZ rear. It appears to be an old Rad Mfg. 'Eagle' series hub. Watch the ribs between where the holes are drilled for weight savings, they had an issue with the rears ... more »

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Got them at FasterUSA, call and ask for Vince.

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Makes me wanna ride! Cool vid, thanks for posting

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New rim time

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Very clean. I'm same size as you and I'm in a '04 Ford E-350 right now. Wouldn't mind upgrading in future to something where I can stand a bit more, and I'm liking what I'm seeing with the Transit.

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Talon Hawkins should turn some heads in 125

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Here's how the Sniper Grey batch turned out. If you remember, this ignition cover was spray painted purple by the previous owner. I stripped off the spray paint, and it turns out the guy used some sort of wire ... more »
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You may have actually just persuaded me from buying a ticket to Pala with this post. When you work on other people's stuff all week so they can go ride that weekend, sometimes paying $40-$50 just to get through the gate to watch a bunch of other dudes ... more »

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Cerakote going down today. Got some more parts to coat in addition to the brake systems. A quick acetone bath and these parts should be (in theory) oil and brake fluid free.

Now that the parts have been stripped of any residues, they're ready ... more »
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Tore apart the brakes yesterday to get ready for Cerakote. Still deciding on colors, but they should pop nicely with the clear anodize theme on the rest of the bike not being too flashy.

Trying to keep the brake fluid mess ... more »

Some of you have clearly never done degenerate things in a dive bar bathroom with a girl named "Candy" that you just met less than an hour prior while you were out having a smoke next to your Harley when she said "Hey, nice bike. You should take me on

... more »