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I do have vortex for my CRF 450R 2017 from XPR, works really good...............broad, easy and strong power.

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I do have a KYB Factory Kit, and the length of the spring is not the same if you compare with a normal there must be some difference internally.

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Barcia is using an Air Shock.

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6 months is a good estimate for good recovery.....I did a MX ride after 7 weeks from surgery....all good until I pat my feet down to save a front end wash....I was young and stupid, respect your doctor opinion, dont ride until full recovery. If you are ... more »

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Hello guys, From my perspective arm pump its 95% related to bad riding technique...............arms must be relax, lower body must do much of the work to control the bike. I also suffer from arm pump, especially in a new track or difficult terrain, if ... more »

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Motostuff rotors are really light

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That’s horrible!....poor Tim

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Which position was he running when the bike died?

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Hardy is all talent, heart and hard work.....But has been difficult for him to find a good team/ride....hopefully he will do well in the AMA Pro Nationals and some team step up and sign him

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Fernando Rigaud

I do have a questions....where are the air vents hole of the air filter cage?.

Seems to be radically different from current model

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Great video, that guy is a genious.

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Eli can drink a beer and smoke a cigarette while riding a Main Event and still be fifth place..............his stamina and speed are way over the average of the rest of the field. I'm a huge Ken fan, but to me Tomac was the best this year, with Webb ... more »

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Webb went for the kill tonight start....huge brake check over Tomac.....Tomac points lead it is solid, he can ride smart and win the championship

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What a ride of Ken!!....true warrior....I m really a fun of the guy, but I was expecting mid race fade.......but nothing, just an amazing ride....I hope he can continue with the kind of energy next 2 races!!

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Right....Ferrandis is a great rider...for sure he can do well in a Honda.....but honda seems invested in Sexton....lets see how Sexton do on MX during the summer......But Honda needs put some pressure on Roczen with a good/solid/championship caliber ... more »

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Fernando Rigaud

I do have ported head from XPR, also a Vortex ECU with thier map (in my CRF450R is running really strong, from bottom to top, really easy to ride..........big smile in my face everytime I roll the throttle..........Chad is a great guy to deal.

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here is the instagram link.