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Computers are magic, dude.

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Ken's going to have to pressure Eli into mistakes from here on out. In a simple case of "who's the stronger rider," Eli wins. A little pressure though? Tomac chokes more than anyone who is as fast as he is should. (That is to say, not much, but enough ... more »

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Whether the rider is guilty or not, WADA has a great responsibility to announce a penalty and provide for an appeal process in a timely manner. The nature of this sport is such that a rider's career is only so long. To draw the proceedings out for months ... more »

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Yes, they can. How do you think the FIM became internationally respected as the "it" promoter, anyway? They called themselves that and enough people agreed with them that it became accepted. It's kind of like currency; your $20 bill is completely worthless. ... more »

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Hell yeah. If I ran the races at Washougal, I'd make a "never give up" award and name it after that kid.

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"I cannot comment anymore and respectfully decline any interviews on this subject until it’s resolved. Which should be within the next 30 days or so."

... more »
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You can be as competitive as your commitment will allow. Keep on trying!

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Parity vs. Parody: Parity is a circumstance in which there are several people on equal footing. In MX, it would mean several potential winners or confirmed winners in a given series. Parody is what Weird Al Yankovic does; it is making fun of an established ... more »

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You'd have a hard time sliding a .024" spark plug feeler gauge under his front tire. Holy crap.

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Right? It's a good thing they don't show him on tv very much; that Suzuki is so bad it would give us all cancer!

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I've always set up my 2 strokes so they will barely idle, but keep idling. Sometimes the thing will load up and die after a minute or if the atmospheric conditions are strange that day, but I don't believe in the 10-second rule.

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I was lucky to have been in a rock band with a very good drummer. The impact it has on the songs is immeasurable. Some of his favorites, and mine by extension, are: Neal Peart Simon Phillips Stewart Copeland Jimmy Chamberlin Manu Katche Manu Katche pretty ... more »

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Not yet, but I'm going to get mine cleaned by a guy I know when they come in. After he pays me for that, they'll be free!

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You had to pay fees to get your own property back? (I'm guessing impound fees?) That's a real shit scenario, right there.

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As a proud father of a girl who wants to race, I'm a big fan. I hope she makes the motos.

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Really? Did you watch the video? The one I watched had a full-grown adult wheelying the thing and in a couple instances it looked like he was about to loop it out. It looked fast enough to me.

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Dealers are required by the DMV to collect fees and register the bike. If you pay cash, you'll get a title. If financed, the leinholder gets the title.

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The advent of the 4 stroke has completely changed the way lines develop. (And ruined the good lines for us smokers, BTW.) I don't go out of my way to ruin other people's lines but now that I know about it.... You f'ers deserve it!

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No, no, not at all. Come on, man. You really should know better. It's 1930s technology.

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Hopefully it means it can tow more than a Boxster.