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Right? I'm still humming the outro solo right now...

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Screw it, I'm just watching on YouTube from here on out. Maybe I'll find a live stream, maybe I have to wait a few hours for a repost. Whatever. At least I'm not paying $5 here, $40 there, $19 somewhere else... all to "maybe" see the races. I can "maybe" ... more »

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I am never going to eat bugs.

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This is a bad thing, but it could actually be a good thing. As in, "here is a list of homes you shouldn't try to burglarize."

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^ This. Roger as team manager, RC, Jeannie or Mitch as team "motivator." Our 250 rider will be our weakest link this year. Dropping a 450 guy down may be the best choice, but if not, I like a healthy Michael Mosiman with a 4-leaf clover and a St. Christopher ... more »

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An important thing to note: if you are flying internationally, WASH YOUR GEAR AND BOOTS! Countries are absolutely insane about transporting soils from one ecosystem to another. They want to avoid invasive species, including microorganisms. I've heard ... more »

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I know you specifically asked for something outside of gearing, but do like MXA and add a tooth to the rear first. Use 3rd more often that way, and you won't feel the gap as much. If that doesn't work, you're only out a few bucks. Suzukis have a tendency ... more »

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They say there were 40,000 spectators there. (So, it's probably more like 15,000. By the photos, there were lots of people, though.) And congratulations to Indonesian Delvintor Alfarizi for scoring 9th overall with 10/9 finishes. His best moto 1 laptime ... more »

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Is "Naked Karate Girls" the name of the band playing on Thursday evening, or a side attraction? Because I think I'd miss the concert for that!

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I've ridden two strokes since 1983 and still love them. I only ever owned one modern 4-stroke, hated it, and hate every friend's bike I ride that thumps. I'm really looking forward to the electric bike, though. I don't hate change; just change for the ... more »

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Battery tech is only going to get better. The fact that the Stark is as good as it is already is telling. It's a bad sign for the ICE engine. Get the dino burners while you can, because I see them fading away quickly.

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Battery assist bicycles? Yes. The Shimano motor seems to be the most "thumbs up" version in the bicycle world, but Bosch is also very good. Most of the bike companies are making great e-bikes now, so you can take your pick. I rode a friend's Commencal ... more »

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My only real bad breakup was when I was 26 and had never been married. Incidentally, that time frame was when I gained my biggest spurt of speed on an MX bike, and I feel like it was partly (subconsciously,) because I didn't care if I died.

... more »
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The answer is, "AF." It is broke AF.

OP, go see a doctor or two and get their opinions. I don't know if the Vital brain trust is quite up to the professional medical standards you require. ... more »
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Nope, that was 1985, the year I began racing.

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I think I'll check it out. 👍🏻

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The amount of water you'd need to move is probably too much. We need to figure out desalinization.

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This. Marvin isn't riding anything with Rockstar logos. Nothing to be mad about. In fact, the thought that came to my head was, "Is Marvin an individual Red Bull athlete or just associated via KTM?" He could conceivably bring RedBull to the white bike ... more »

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Same as above. I rode Suzukis for a long time, and then bought my first Yamaha - a 1997 YZ125 - because I worked at a Yamaha dealer. Sometime in the first week, I hit a buried rock that would have given me a broken collarbone on my RM125, but the YZ ... more »

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You beat me to it.

... more »