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Xtreme had one with a teary-eyed woman talking to her helmeted man. It read, "Darling, if i got a bike, we could always be together." "Outta my way, bitch!" Or something like that.

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I use Star-Tron. It works. It has kept my son's PW50 and TT-R110 running for several years with sporadic riding and no carb cleans.

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Markee, you are right. I'm trying to get debt free as well. I'll have to make that a longer-term plan than 3 years though.

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I've decided to divorce my wife and hang out with these two sluts! (Frezno Smooth quote)

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I used to ride in the hills north of the Vistancia development in Peoria. Lots if interconnecting trails out there.

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So good to hear Mike is still alive and (reasonably) well. Jeff, keep us updated, please!

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You guys could also take a page out of MXA's book and add a tooth or two to the rear sprocket. This will bring 4th down into a more usable range. Remember that you'll run out of 3rd even faster than before, however.

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Bel-Ray did a comparison using an automotive standard test back in the early 2000s. Of course, they made their own oil look good, but NoToil did pretty well also:

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Like I recommended to my friend who just bought his first bike: Helmet, goggles, gloves and boots are the bare minimum. You can get by with jeans and a long tee shirt, but don't expect to be comfortable. He went out and bought one piece from every major

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Again, the fattest, heaviest, slowest, least-R&Ded 450 MX bike is still a supermodel. I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

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Dude, I just realized I have a PS 6 !
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To say that it's because of a power differential is misleading. I saw MC triple-double off an ascending dragon's back in San Diego back in 1996 every lap, right out of a corner (CR250 2-stroke.) The dragon's back seems like a great obstacle to me. Let's

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That "Bondo" you are mentioning looks like lean residues, or lean on top of an older carbon deposit to me. You may need to go richer than you thought with the oxygenated fuels.

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Dude, that is clearly a Kawmaha.

Added reply in a thread New trend of politics in moto media that's bugging me (For Matthes, Anton, Ping, Cox, DBo, JT and whoever else...) 7/9/2020 8:25 AM

I'm with Anton. I'm not a liberal, but I feel the same - that anybody who rises to an important political office is most likely a scumbag. They all seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to work for us. This goes for both sides of the aisle.

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I only brake tap when I'm trying to drop into a very steep landing zone. It helps me adjust the attitude of the bike. Other than that, I pretty much just angle the bike using posture and fore/aft bias.

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Daaaaang. That distance would take me 6 months on an MTB at MY age (49).

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I'd just like another option with fewer pros on it so I can learn the track before trying to go warp speed. (Warp 2, that is... the pros are going warp 7.) When I jump on the main track, I feel like I either have to risk my life and start jumping everything ... more »

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Yeah, but it comes with a cover and 3 life jackets.

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So killer. Hopefully they sell out and Beta makes a bunch more MX models.