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I also have Tusk competition clutches in a CR250 and RM250 no problems. Had to go with a Kawasaki kit for the RM because they only had the standard kit for the RM. Gone is the grabby stuttering the stock clutch always had (RM)

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2000 RM250
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She’s a beauty

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Roost Boost

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This is like the ‘21 RMZ 450 thread no pics of the new stuff!

I don’t have this gear, but really like it! I’m waiting to see what ‘21 brings
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The fuel rules were the nail in the coffin

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GRR is in North Jersey, he’s at Etown a lot. He can do them

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Let my son ride it, LOL My buddy has a really nice YZ250 He let my son do a few laps, pipe was a beautiful blue/violet to the stinger!

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Dude, I’m with you 110%

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What bike? Mods?

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying pump is better than avgas. I’ve run avgas for years. Started out running it straight, then started mixing it with pump 93 E10. Wound up at 60/40 93/100LL ran the best. Since then I have tried many of VP’s fuels always ... more »

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You will more than likely be better off mixing the C12 with 93 even if has 10% Ethanol. Only if you have gone very aggressive with your timing, compression, and or squish would the 100LL be beneficial. We are talking two stroke correct?

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Little bit of a let down, was really looking forward to see what was done to the engine.
Maybe Wil can do a full factory motor / trans / Ecu and you can see how much faster it is.

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I’m gonna check this oat,
See what it’s really aboat!

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Did you measure squish before or after the piston change? I’m thinking either your base gasket is thinner, or your piston compression height is taller.

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I’ll play The tire has no rebound damping, And also if you get down into the bump stop that will over power the rebound of the shock. Unfortunately I have the video to show it

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Carbon Tech I like the Low Tension reeds in 250's

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If there's no crowd, there should be at least one track that goes into the stands

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sumdood, I always thought 7’ wide trailers with inboard wheels should be more popular... or even exist without a custom order. Nicely done!