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Have dealer run vin and see if it is still under warranty. What warranty work was done? Has tranny been replaced? Have 4 of these currently.

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Does it have the o ring mod done to the accelerator rod or safety wired? If so take it off. Or the wheel is not located properly.

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If u cleaned the carb with a harsh cleaner the o rings are now bad if u left the slide in. There is a o ring in the middle of the body also, very hard to obtain. The pilot sounds to big, u should not need bigger than a 45. 2 turns out. Pull the pilot ... more »

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Have seen this before with a Mag bike build we did. The sub frame got powder coated and upon putting back together it had no juice. The ground for the bike runs through the bolts from the subframe to the frame. Make sure that is raw metal to metal.

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U should only use compressed air to hold shape of bladder while putting shock together. After bleeding release air and put Nitrogen, should be 150psi. If the leak is around cap, replace bladder.

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You can also bleed at the banjo fittings. This is where the air is normally at in the system. Start at the Master an back to the caliper.

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Yes, you have to be a Factory supported rider to use KTMs factory services. Jones and Yorba are supported by KTM for parts and bikes. All their suspension and motor work and race prep are done through AHMs shop in Yorba Linda, CA

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Call AHM Facotry Services in Yourba Linda, CA. 714-692-2795. They prep and mantain the Bonaza Plumbing offroad team(Justin Jones and Eric Yorba).and handle all the suspension work also. Take a look at the cover of May issue of Dirt BIke Mag.

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if your bikes revs fine on the stand and runs well on straights and turns than u have poss electrical issue, check complete harness.

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A lot of Big 6 racers are now using the new STI tires, and winning. call AHM Factory Services-Yorba Linda,CA

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Pro Circuit makes one that will fit under the bars to adjust Its a tool, but I think you are looking for Ride Engineerings adjusters that mount on the forks

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If this guy called himself a tuner and gave that explanation than he is not a tuner. Valving, piston port size and fluid. Get with PMR suspension in AUS.

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You may have knocked one of the banjo fittings loose enough to allow some air to enter the system. tighten them and rebleed the system and see if the compression comes back.

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Take your regular pit board and get it wrapped with black material, so you can use the dry erase markers.

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Instead of use sand paper you might find it quicker to use a med type scotchbrite wheel for your drill from the hardware store. Then use a fine to get the real shine back. Use WD40 will buffing.

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A-kit and stock suspension will take different psi in the shocks. Depending on you valving will help determine the psi for your shock. For stock valving on your bike run 150 psi

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There is room for time serts. Please take the time to do this job right or you will have problems later. Heli coils are band aids.

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Yes, Phil went out in the free practice an came up short on a triple and banged his knee and quad muscle. Its day to day

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For your update on what Phil is doing for this year. He is not going to AUS as of right now. He has been training and is still looking for a ride. He will be riding East Coast .

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Moto Gp technology on the dirt-have worked on a set