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This is what I like to see! Doing almost all the work yourself instead of sending everything out. Nice!!!

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Man, it's awesome to see past champs still digging riding and getting after it.

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That was awesome!!!!

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My new favorite day of the week is when these come out. Soooooooo good!!

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Show Your Tits sticker alone is worth 5 horse power!

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I shoot only with a tilt/shift and specialize in getting the photos out in about a month . . . . can you put in a word for me?

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Nice! Your bike build looks awesome! This is very tempting . . . .

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Good call!!!!!

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I'm still loving the results of this project! I completely get the saying "The best you've ridden is the best you know." and I can't sit here and tell you I am super fast or that I've tried all sorts of exotic set ups, but for a few hundred dollars and

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Jake, do you happen to know the capacity on the fuel tank? I did a quick search online and was coming up with 2.1 gal which seems low. Could be interested. Also, what year? I have an '03 so not sure if the aluminum frame fits the steel frame. Thanks! ... more »

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Sweeeet. Time to go riding, Guy!!!!

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Sweeet!!! I have an '04 and love it.

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Because Keefer is turning the old studio into some sort of Gawd-only-knows den.

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Thanks D.C. for investing in these and give Tom a raise! Soooooooooo good!

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No kidding.

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Man, that's awesome that he can still hammer a bike at 60!!! What about doing one of these guys rides? Or who are the brothers that are up your way that do some bad ass stuff? (Their name escapes me at the moment.)

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Yes, I remember the article and I think it was in Dirt Bike, like Wandell said. Yeah, I recall the numbers being about what you said. Maybe more.