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Reminds me of Leon Spinks.. Leon what you do for a livin? " I knock MFR's Out"

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"My wife says I never listen to her ..or something like that."

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I fkn love this place!

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I've got the Masterbuilt analog electric with this pellet tray.

I can get about 6 hours smoke time out of a full tray of pellets. This and a digital thermometer makes smoking meat foolproof.
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In the 70's starting lines were full. Classes were: Mini 125 am 250 am Open am 125 Pro 250 Pro Open Pro No trophy...more practice and better luck next time.

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+1 Lots of mods. 1990 F1 Mod is awesome.

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125 is gonna be the way to go. Thanks , guys!

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Thanks for the replies. One bike will have to do. That 250 got snatched up before I could get to it...Damn. Guess I'll keep my eyes open . Something will come along I'm sure. I'll keep riding my Devinci until then.

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This MX crack is pulling me back in. I'm 59, been single again for 3 years and my last ride was in 2006. (RM450) The plan was to buy a 125 for shits and giggles but I ran across a Sweet 07 Rm250 for $2400 and it's calling me hard. I'm in shape , 6'3 ... more »

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Buddy Hackett.

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^^ This ! I started in '72...done in '06. Risk of lasting injuries, all day commitment, maintenance on the bike... it got to be more work than fun. I can throw my MTB in the truck and be done in 2 hrs including the drive time. Low maintenance, and can ... more »

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I had gone off to App. St. in Boone NC and drove down just to watch. I knew better than to go get my feelings hurt entering that race. My buddy (non moto guy) asked why he stopped in the first turn... "hey y'all .. watch this"

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Barry Higgins. World 600 MX in Charlotte 1972. Destroyed the pro class.

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Guy named Randy in Pageland SC owns those "TROUBLE" pants now. He asked Bob where those pants were at theAxton Trans AMA and he went in the truck and threw them over the fence to him.

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Late 70's,Silver Sands MX park Anderson SC. Mark Ashworth stomping grounds. Hannah gets the holeshot and pulls over to the side of the track. Sits for 30-45 seconds.. Ashworth pulls a 30 sec. lead on 2nd place. 25 minutes later Hannah passes Mark and ... more »

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Using the inflation calculator ..a new 1975 CR125m1 cost my Dad $450, so in 2017 a new 2 stroke MX bike should be $2,047.47. 8k for a toy that can get you maimed is nuts.

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I've been sim racing for years. When I moved from console to PC , I looked into I Racing, but the more I researched , Automobilista looked to have the most realistic physics.

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"You know shit about absolutely nothing." Men at Work (1990)