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That is awesome. Our local aquarium shop has some amazing salt set ups and very tempting but I have a few to many aquariums as it is. Lol

Added reply in a thread Unbelievable day on set 11/20/2019 7:12 AM

Man that is absolutely awesome. Congratulations! Can not wait for the movie. We love Spiderman. You sound really appreciative and hoping for more doors opening in your future.

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I don't know how I won both espn leagues this week. My teams were solid to start the season but flailing now.

Added reply in a thread Anyone have an Aquarium? 11/18/2019 10:47 PM

Looking great. Nice addition. My populations of Endlers is crazy in 2. Started with about 8 and now hundreds.

Added reply in a thread Remember this throwback PC game? 11/18/2019 11:46 AM

My buddy had one in 85 or 86 on his computer that I have thought about many times over the years but forgot the name of it. You could set the gravity level, even up to moon gravity. It was ahead of it's time and even had an amazing track builder that ... more »

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Happy birthday brother!!

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I got stabbed in the Dick. Dickless bitch. Cold dicked snake. Wait is this the Inwood game DICKERED!

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He needs to come here. We pack the place and many greats come back regularly because they get treated right. He is probably over it though as most of the comedians have expressed. People in some area's cant take a joke.

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I watch everything through my ps4 except Direct tv of coarse.

Added reply in a thread Are the "Digital Streaming Wars" really a "thing" to you or your household? 11/16/2019 8:38 AM

I still have some ungodly monthly bill for Direct tv but have not even watched it in months, just YouTube, Netflix and Prime and now Disney I like the Disney plus because we love Disney World and some of their programs we grew up on. I am seeing that ... more »

Added reply in a thread Thinking Back, Which Track, In Your Lifetime, Have You Spun The Most Laps Upon ? *Is the track still active ? 11/16/2019 5:46 AM

My late best friend and I had jobs where we could do what we wanted and we rode 2 to 3 weekdays and raced every weekend for 15 years solid. Me more like 20 plus years. We would drive 2 hours one way to okeechobee Thundercross one day and then to Pepsi ... more »

Added reply in a thread Famous People that are into Motocross 11/16/2019 5:28 AM

My good friend bmxer/redbull rampage,xgames, Olympic announcer turned animal educator Kenan Harkin used to ride a bunch with one of his best friends Dave Mirra. Cant find the moto pics.

Also our good friend pro skater Anthony Furlong ... more »
Added reply in a thread Famous People that are into Motocross 11/15/2019 7:16 AM

One of the trailers on the back of one of Slipknots tour buses used to be full of dirtbikes and was a cool story in Transworld. Olympic skier Darren Ralves Michael Jordan who even sponsored teams and still has a street bike team I believe. Used to ride ... more »

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Yea I am actually enjoying it now that I understand the controls and concept. It's pretty interesting really.

Started new thread Kevin James and Gary Valentine stand up 11/14/2019 6:57 PM

Just in from a hilarious night of stand up comedy at our local music hall. Those guys are just naturally funny characters. It was a great year of shows at our local spot. Dane Cook, Seinfeld, fluffy, Sebastian maniscalco, the Machine Bert Krieser and ... more »

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RV was cutting everyone off until he reads the comments. You can see him check out the comments on his phone and quickly toned it down. It was hilarious though.

Added reply in a thread Reed and A1 Poll 11/13/2019 7:02 AM

I loved Reed when here arrived her as a new pro and he definately went from loved to a villain of sorts back to being loved. I too thought he was a bit of a jerk for a small time but I think he is one of the most talented and passionate riders our sport ... more »

Added reply in a thread Malcom Stewart on fire in Paris 2019 11/13/2019 6:43 AM

It is always some tight racing over there. Very little room for mistakes and bar banging is inevitable. Malcolm looks great out there. It's going to be some awesome battling next season.

Added reply in a thread MOTOCROSS SAVED MY LIFE ..BY BRENT WORRALL 11/13/2019 6:39 AM

I want to check it out. I too respond with "motocross saved my life" when people ask me how I changed my life to be were I am blessed to be today.

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A little known fact is James raced his first 125 race at Gatorback but only made it to the first turn and crashed and broke his arm. I think it was the winter ams or Gold cup. I was standing right there and a kid on my team ran him over and broke his ... more »