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Its so hot here. How is everyone's garden going? Grabbed a few tomatoes today and these goliath jalapeños are getting there. Can't wait to stuff a few and toss them on the grill.

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Breakfast burrito and then some pork chops and a few beef ribs.

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Added reply in a thread Amazon is crap these days. 6/22/2022 8:17 AM

I use all those tool brands but I have a Dewalt drill that fell off a lift 4 stories onto the parking lot and only had a minor crack near the trigger. Then I was installing a privacy fence at one of my rentals and I dropped it in the ditch with waist ... more »

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I want to keep Ron here. There is a lot of reasons more people move here daily than any other place in the world. Thats also why the majority of the crazy stuff you hear about is from non Floridians though. Natives like my family are still rare. There ... more »

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Spiderhead was ok. Helmsworth (Thor) is a scientist that tests emotion drugs on prisoners.

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We even coddle adults these days with this anonymous b.s. Sign of the times.

Added reply in a thread Happy Father's Day you all..... 6/19/2022 6:27 AM

Happy Father's day!

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A post wishing someone's kid happy birthday gets a bunch of downvotes so how can you take any of them seriously anyway.

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Tomac is ripping and Roczen is fighting for it but Dunge has me sitting here in awe. What a legend.

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If they get everything they want they will have nothing. The memberships and mandatory upgrades on EV will cost more than these folks have ever paid for a vehicle. Bicycles or walk for the poor and EV for the rich is their plan. This is all a separation ... more »

Added reply in a thread Racing 2022 Outdoor Pro Nationals on YZ250 2 Stroke - Updated after High Point 6/16/2022 12:15 PM

Nice riding. It made me want to break out the yz250 right now. Best of luck to you.

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This was the strangest because I was on the craigslist app and there was not one other thing on there but boats, all boats but seconds into turning the TV on and silence on the TV with Micheal Myers standing on a dark street and no dialog and this pops ... more »

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I wore this vhs tape out. Still have it. Still one of my all time favorite races. Emig, Button, Gaddis.... pinned.

Added reply in a thread $1400 NEW motorcycle delivered from Amazon!! 6/16/2022 8:29 AM

Years ago I bought a tec 9 125 online because I had a little pitbike track and i would share my Honda bbr50 but wanted something for friends to ride. I paid 800 delivered. We put it together and ran it down the street and the chain broke and destroyed ... more »

Started new thread Phone listening. 6/16/2022 7:59 AM

We know the phone is listening and then provides content on your searches but also from conversations. If we mention say Gilligan's island out of the blue our phone will have Gilligan's island content soon after. Last night I was scrolling through Craigslist

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Nice. Eastern box turtle, terrapene Carolina Carolina. No two alike and one of the most inquisitive animals out there.

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My kids elementary, middle and high school had one way into a front corridor where there was a window and you had to have multiple identification to get buzzed into the main building and past guards and they were really strict. Walls and ten foot fences ... more »

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That sucks there was so many issues. I didn't even try the app after I randomly saw a live countdown for practice on YouTube from Mavtv I thought and I saw a message on mavtv apologizing and a link to YouTube.

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Rough throat but definitely looks like it. Croc :

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To be honest they deserve a refund. There is not one kid from my middleschool who couldn't answer all these.