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Looks like he thought he was in 2nd but was was in 3rd.

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That is some of the coolest race footage I’ve ever seen.

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I rode my buddies specialized Levo the other day for the first time and was blown away with how fun it was. There was a 200 ft hill at the local bike park that I could just fly up on it and I could only go about 20 ft on my regular bike. If I didn’t ... more »

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RIP Chris Ryno's post was irrational and jumps around a bit no doubt but honestly I appreciate that raw emotion cause that's how I feel when I hear about a rider ... more »

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Those bikes were fast, my ex girlfriend had one and it absolutely ripped.

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He’ll do good on that team I bet.

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What’s your guys opinion on the Honda Ridgeline? Specifically the black edition. I have driven one on long trips and can’t find anything wrong with one besides the front hood, which I hate. I’m looking at getting out of my Colorado and getting one or ... more »

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Kid thinks he’s James Stewart or something. People say Seattle is soft but I guarantee that shit wouldn’t fly at the local races around here. Most of the race promoters have kids or themselves could hop on a bike and teach the kid a lesson.

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I use a polar unite. Only like $150 and does the job. It has gps and links up to strava so I’m sure it’s compatible with some other type of lap time app.

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She’s got all the pieces to the pie, she’s just awesome.

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I had the same experience. Two weeks in a row now. Pretty lame they can’t get the schedule on track. Then when it does come on the 5 min of racing/ 5 min of commercial, track preview, and other bs is a total buzzkill. Not sure how they’re expecting to ... more »

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I think DC said a while ago that oil was getting into a reservoir nearby so they were forced to close.

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I looked for it for a while too. I have it on VHS somewhere. Gonna have to upload it. Crazy how much of that last lap I still remember. He did a superman Indian air, heel clicker, and lazy boy all in like half a lap then rode a wheelie to the finish ... more »

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Who else misses watching races at this place? I wish I had got the chance to visit it before it was shut down. It had some of the coolest obstacles and some everything on it. Big jumps, off camber stadium whoop/jumps, jumps into turns, up/downhill sections,

... more »

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Good eye FGR, at first glance I would say buy it but it does look like it’s been ridden on the beach a bit. Bummer the seat has a chunk missing as well. My first 80 was a 96, love the looks of those bikes! I swear my 80 felt faster than my 2000 cr 125! ... more »

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Does anyone have video or a shot of that jump that shows the face of it? It’s crazy how much you miss not being at the races. The tv seemed to not showcase that section much although I know there had to be a camera at the top of it for that corner it ... more »

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He had some factory parts on the 2012 if I’m not mistaken.

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Bubba and mookie by a mile.