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Some more upgrades!!

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Is he doing any more mx on the yz250? He crushed it at Washougal!!

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I voted. The guy is a monster!!

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This one went through identity issue's. Started life with a built 250 motor, then got a full build esr 345 motor, sss forks, updated swinger linkage and shock from newer 450... then it got a built big bore kx5 motor stuffed in it. Nasty!

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With Beta and the Austrian's now having 300mx models, Hopefully they will update the dumb rules and allow them to race in mx and sx. Regardless I'm about to make the wife real happy and go get a deposit down on a 300sx!!

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Maybe a Telemarketer?

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I like it! The sport is better with Stew involved. I also dig the way he explains things from the riders perspective.

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He wrecked and got hurt. He got paid big bucks to win a championship. I'm sure he would even say he fell short. I still think he is one of the best riders out there.

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Tomac is so smooth right now. He was so aggressive on the Kawie. It looks to me like he isn't pushing the Yamaha as hard yet. I am guessing he is loving where he is at right now.

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I'm having the same issue. Netflix and every other streaming service works fine. With Peacock I get poor picture quality and buffering....

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I like the mogul idea!! Add a snow section with moguls, followed by a sand section and keep the whoops!! I can't believe this is a topic... Supercross without whoops? Sounds real wrong

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Triumph choked on a big one. How can you have RC and come with that absolutely weak ass garbage press release? How long has it been without any updates? A crew of people need fired! I'm still hopeful for Triumph but damn they better come with something ... more »

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I hope I win!!

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Anounce it right now!!!! It would be great for generating lots of excitement and anticipation!!

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It's not difficult to use a volt meter... learn how test voltages or jetting for a rookie mechanic level? My money is on the rookie mechanic fixing an fi problem before getting a rough jetted two stroke to run perfect. I get if carbs are all a guy has ... more »

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My nephew is on a kx85 and about ready for 125... come on Kawi the kid bleeds green!!

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Somebody has got to have some real news on these Triumph bikes? It seems incredibly back asswards to announce some exciting news and then bust out the radio silence. I'd guess patience is something most dirtbike riders have a lot of?

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Hopefully it didn't tear anything up? The vforce 4 gives a solid gain in performance and improves the power delivery on these bikes as well. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade!