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Thank you for all you have done for moto! There are a few idiots who may disagree, cause problems or just be a general pain in the ass on vital.... but it's just a few. This forum is filled with a bunch of solid people, you did an amazing job! You have ... more »

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That whole Fillmore Beaver area is real nice! I second Warner Valley it has an unlimited supply of riding and a pretty good hidden mx track. St.George mx, toquerville falls has some really fun single track, coral pinks and sand hollow for dunes. I'm ... more »

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I'm pretty sure Honda could run a 3 rider team with no sponsors and be just fine affording it.

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Ferrandis has been a terrible starter. He had podium speed the entire last half of the season and had some amazing rides through the pack. Ap almost hit 60 more points then 2020. He moved up 5 spots in the standings. Malcolm had his first podium on a ... more »

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I see it as a good move. Star has had the best team for a long time in the 250 class. All the 450 star guys improved this season. Plessinger improved more on the Star bike then Barcia did on the Gas Gas. The factory Yamaha team had pretty well documented ... more »

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125 should be east/west. Top 250 riders need to run against each other all season. The 250 class is a dang premiere class if we don't split it. There would be plenty of guys who need seat time for the 125 class. Get rid of some garbage time on the broadcast ... more »

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Add in a 15 minute 125 moto at each round! Make it an official championship! Allow equal displacement 2 strokes in the 250 and 450 class. We might get a few 300's in the 450 class and a few more 250 2 strokes in the 250 class. Fans would actually pay ... more »

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No presser, no breakdown... it sounded like the press conference was interesting with Jett. I would have liked to hear from Malcolm as well.

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Malcolm still celebrating? So cool that he landed a podium!

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What are you guys talking about? I watched Roczen and Barcia not go forward, Ferandis and Anderson pass a boat load of guys, Malcolm crash or fade, Friese and Anstie pile up and also saw that a bunch of fast guys were held up on on the start. It all ... more »

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These flicks will provide all the content you need to show why our sport is so main stream and popular!

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Malcolm may not be James but mediocre is pretty harsh. He is a consistent top 5-10 in SX and pretty damn close to a podium. Hell the top 10ish guys are separated by tenths of a second this yr! Malcolm is a bad ass and hasn't faded the way he used to. ... more »

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If you're taking away his worst finishes for 21, you got to do the same for 20... he is still doing better overall on the Yamaha. Does he look smoother sure, has he been better? Nope. It will be interesting to see how he finishes. I hope he does well. ... more »

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Have a look at the Matrix rower. I had 10 of them between my two gyms. They are very nice, quiet compared to the c2, seats are more comfortable, foot placement is wider and they held up to a lot of abuse.

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Could he top 5 a pro quad racing event with 6months of training?

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26x48 work in progress!

... more »
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Careful with that Y'all stuff... 85 has a pretty solid reputation for being a good person. Rodgers has a rep for being a fulltime dick. Big thing here, really Shitty people come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Cool to see Ochocinco giving our sport ... more »

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Holy whoops ass speed!!

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I rode yesterday, it was windy and damn cold. I'm gonna go regardless, some of my favorite rides are on the rough weather days most people hide out in the house! Me and buddy were the only bikes on a normally pretty busy 60 miles of trails!

... more »
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100% agree, they both are about winning! I think SX will be better then most expect for Dylan and lookout for MX. Star will get the Yamaha dialed in.