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Usually it's easier to just buy a complete replacement seal head that is already loaded with the bushing and seals.

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I've covered all of this in the other long ass thread and others, but I consider replacing the cam chain tensioner a "must do" since there is the potential of totally grenading your motor if you don't. stock rim locks are junk. Both of mine bent in less ... more »

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Even with the gasket well sealed, you can get condensation inside the housing in a humid environment and with large temp swings. I've found the KTM 85 cover and gasket to seal pretty well. If you have concerns that the cover may be warped, get a new ... more »

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Yep, blowin'er out. It's a 2 stroke thing to get rid of excess fuel/oil laying in the crank, etc. What cracks me up is the people that have carried this habit over to 4 strokes. Nothing like a full gate of 250-Beginners revving the piss out of their ... more »

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The Lectron is longer front to rear than the stock carb, correct? If so, removing the reed spacer is probably a good way to get back some of that difference. That being said, I've heard of some people saying they get reduced reed life without the spacer ... more »

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I think this may be another of MXA's routine copy/paste errors or they just weren't thinking straight that day. Going to a lower number, such as from 3.692 to 3.500, will have the exact opposite effect of what they are saying. It's a taller gear which ... more »

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- Suspension will loosen up noticeably at 5 hrs and you'll notice even more around 10hrs. Don't get too set in stone on your impressions until then. At your size/weight you'll likely end up around 10.7 - 10.8 BAR (156-158 psi) and wanting to go to a ... more »

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That is Kazumasu Masuda. 1998 Japan 125 National champ. Former factory rider for Yamaha, Suzuki, and HRC and finished runner up to Akira Narita in the premier class during the years when Narita was unbeatable. He is a fast guy. It's a demo ride on a ... more »

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Jump to 2:20 to see what the future of E-MX bikes looks like !

Also, thank you health care workers!
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Go ahead. Get on RMATV in the OEM parts section and start filling up that cart !!! Frame is only $1500. A steal compared to dumb mountain bike prices.

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I'm thinking they don't offer cams for that bike. Because they also don't show any for the 2020. Same engine, right? I searched both PU and Tucker and see no cams for 2020/2021 KX250.

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Hell no, let's run off on all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories and half assed speculation!

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Haven't tried it on a Honda myself, but it has the adjustable top and works great on my Husky's. Warning, it is steel and a heavy hoss.

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The Maverick is a newer release of the Explorer Sport trac.

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Having gone to both as a child, I will say the SYT crowd at Dilla far exceeded Buds Creek and was an integral part of my upbringing.

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Give us some more info on your setup. What carb and jetting are you running? What fuel, oil, and ratio?

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Roczen fades horribly at SLC SX at 4630ft and loses SX title to Webb. Vital - He is out of shape, elevation killed him, Webb is in superior shape. One month later, Roczen dominates both motos at Lakewood at 6140ft in 88deg heat going away as Webb rolls ... more »

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I just removed and replaced the WP stickers on my forks. Used a heat gun and it barely helped. The plastic sticker came off but left all the thick, sticky adhesive on the fork. That glue laughed at basically every suggestion in this thread. Things like ... more »

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Looks like piston had massive lack of oil. Maybe the oil squirter jet under the piston got clogged ?