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Comparing to the bicycle example, bikes use "standard" wheel/axle/mount setups. So it's easy to find those fork holder mounts. Not so with dirt bikes. (which is why it always cracks me up when bicycle guys complain about the proliferation of various

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I bet you'd be OK with just the springs. The nice part is you can just put the springs in yourself and then play around with the clickers for a while and decide if it's good. If it's not, then you can consider a revalve. Always best to check all the ... more »

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I've noticed that YZ SSS forks seem really sensitive to bushing wear. My YZ forks will start leaking from bushing wear before the seal actually going bad. When I open the forks up the bushings don't show visible signs of wear, but if I don't replace ... more »

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What type of premix oil? Also, motocross engines are not designed for extended high-speed operation. What year YZ250 and what size main jet?

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02-03 used a longer carb. If you try to put a longer carb on the 2005 you're likely to get fitment and/or air leak issues. Might be able to get around this by using 02-03 air boot and/or reed manifold, not sure.

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The ghost of TFS. That shock had been saving up rebound for like 2 laps.

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In my 2006 YZ125.... pilot 42.5 main 400 needle, stock 2006 needle in stock clip. Bill's pipe and silencer 110 octane VP MS100 (race gas sold in the pump here), 32:1 with Maxima Super-M. Bike rips. Riding in Arizona 1,000 - 4,500 ft. I fit's cold and ... more »

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I’ve just about every pipe and silencer on the YZ125. I’ve found the shorty to not be so good. You lose a bunch of overrev. I prefer mid-length like the normal FMF. Right now I’m running the Bill’s carbon silencer and Bill’s pipe. Very nice combo.

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Ahhh, thanks for making that clarification. I had no clue as I basically gave up on the Prospect with the probs I had with these 1st gen. This also gets to my basic complaint with goggles. The manufacturers are very keen on marketing the cool features ... more »

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I just picked up the new Fury today and tried it out. I'm liking it. For reference, I wore the Tyrants for years. I also get the smushed nose and loved them with the adjustable nose, same as the Hustle (Hustle fits skinny/small faces, Tyrant was better

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The 2007 and 2008 ran so well stock that I never saw any need to try either of these. But it would be interesting to hear the results.

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Then it sounds like a prob with the governor or the linkage.Time to take the right side cover apart.

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Did you have the cylinder off and verify the PV moves freely in the cylinder by hand? These get stuck frequently from excess carbon buildup.

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Yeah, stiffer springs should be the first thing. The forks will be riding too low in the stroke at your weight and you'll be forced to jack too much preload into the shock to get correct sag which will throw off the balance and handling even worse. The ... more »

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So, back in the day of carb'd 4-strokes, all of them had the same basic Keihin-FCR carb. Until 2007 when Honda put slightly different version of the FCR on their bikes. The Honda carbs basically incorporated the idea from the aftermarket float bowls, ... more »

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There is no reed block spacer on the YZ125. You're likely getting it confused with the YZ250 which does have one. This is why I avoid aftermarket carbs which tend to have poor fitment compatibility.

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That sounds and looks normal for a PW50. They do this when free revving and over-revving on the stand. Drag the back brake a little when it starts breaking up to simulate a load and it should clear out.

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That's probably quite a bit of trailer to pull with that 4-Runner. I'm sure it might be within the towing specs of the vehicle, but I like to stay far away from the limits of the specs as they are typically over-inflated for practical purposes. You might ... more »

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My buddy just did this same break in a mtb crash 2 weeks ago. He is 60 yrs old but a very gnarly 60 yr old! When they went in to operate they just cut the head off and did a "half hip replacement" (fake head but OEM socket, lol). Doc explained that he ... more »

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