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If it was me, I'd also remove the right cover, and clutch assembly before doing the tap and flush. Just to eliminate the places shavings can get to and also to give better access to pour diesel in and ensure it flushes any shavings out the drain hole. ... more »

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What bike is this? If it is a 2-stroke you can reduce the problems with the aluminum shavings by flushing the tranny a few times with diesel or kerosene before putting oil back in. Do the grease on the tap, install an insert, then flush a few times. ... more »

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Mistakes happen but he needs to own up to that one. Koga was running 5th and looked to qualify handily for his 1st ever main until Jett came along and wrecked them both. Koga came out on the worse end of it and appeared to have a broken or sprained wrist ... more »

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Sounds like maybe the master cylinder internals may have gotten damaged or needs a rebuild. In the mean time, take the caliper off the bike and elevate it above the handlebars so the line is running up hill with the bleeder nipple at the highest point. ... more »

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Here's the inquiry page for Nissin. Drop them a message.

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Thread file.

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Usually, yes. Another thing to consider, the OEM basket comes complete with the big gear on it while some/most aftermarket baskets require you to remove the gear from your OEM basket to reuse. This usually involves drilling or grinding the large rivets ... more »

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The notching in the inner hub is common on the YZ's since the thin steel plates can easily dig into the soft aluminum. If you run the numbers, you'll find that you can buy about 4 or 5 OEM hubs for the price of a Hinson one. I'd compare prices for the ... more »

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The code for Shasta White for the frame is NH138. Here's a previous thread asking the same thing about Powder coat.,42/Honda-a-shasta-white-RAL-compatible,1312798

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How much with a core exchange for my forks off my brand new 2020 Husky ?

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Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought each KTM 2-stroke was unique in that they put on whatever thickness base gasket is needed to obtain the desired squish at the factory. There is no "stock thickness" across every bike.

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Their website mentions no patents at all for the ROCS. Not saying there are none, but it's odd it would not be prominently mentioned.

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Yep they are Ti. PC sold these as "Titanium Flow-Thru Footpegs",19/Pro-Circuit/Titanium-Footpeg,9809#product-specs ... more »

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Does anyone remember when Team Kuwait showed up at the MXON in France and one guy had a box stock RMZ450 that he apparently picked up at a dealership on the way to the track and he was cruising around at half pace with his jersey on backwards?

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Is that the center bolt that holds the primary gear on the crank? Kinda looks like that bolt backed out based on the crack in the case cover.

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I think you've really homed in on the problem here.....ooooffff!

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Try a new plug. Check the reeds. I'd try swapping the complete carb from the other bike so you can at least rule out or narrow it down to the carb. Then try swapping the complete tank and cap from the other bike. Might be a clogged petcock screen or

... more »
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The Gold set doesn't look bad at all. To me it looks like a good candidate to re-anodize or it might not even spread as-is, depending on conditions. The silver set, some of those holes look pretty far into the aluminum. Hard to tell from pics without ... more »

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KTM65 is pretty high on the stupid rankings. The bike is very sensitive to temp and elevation changes. This would normally be no prob on any 2-stroke but on the 65SX you can literally do nothing to the carb without a PITA. For some reason KTM spec'd ... more »

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Ran across this. Maybe someone can find the referenced interview in Dag Allemaal.


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