Added reply in a thread What happened to Klotz? 6/25/2021 7:40 PM VP also makes drag track prep called VP Lane Choice.

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My comment, famous last words of many a mechanic right after totally blowing apart some expensive, important parts - "Buuuuttt... I used a torque wrench and followed what the manual says !?!?!?!?!"

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What about light? Doesn't exposure to light or UV also break down some of the compounds so storing in an opaque container helps slow this?

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There is a site dedicated specifically to mix ratios for the KTM85. You should check it out.

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Hit this guy up with $500 cash. That way you guys will have the whole bed of the truck open for gas cans, gear bags, etc.

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Did you decide on doing the bladder conversion kit? I ask because. to me, if I am already in there going through the trouble of spinning off the stock reservoir and I am going to spin off the body, I am putting that sweet Kreft one on there!! I ain't ... more »

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I don't see the appeal at all. The current 2-stroke chassis/body is much preferable to that abomination. People just want change for the sake of change sometimes.

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The thing with the Kreft tank, though, is it has a switch to enable or disable it. So you can theoretically have the best of both worlds. Set your forks up for MX, then open the switch to get the plushness when you want to go off road. Seems pretty cool. ... more »

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The NRJC is the same diameter as the NRKC but the clip grooves are cut 1/2 clip position leaner. Yes, the jetting chart shows use of the NRJC as temps get cooler, but it also shows going to clip-4 and using a bigger main jet. The net result is richer.

... more »
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The lucas likely has a lower flash point so it is burning more cleanly/completely so you don't get the spooge out the back. Do you have the spare jet kit that came with the bike? Replace the stock NRKC needle with the NRJC from the spares and put the ... more »

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What year bike? What fuel and oil are you using? Is the jetting currently stock?

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Yuppp... AStars for comfort and style(?) over durability and protection. Good marketing for that Alpinestars "Style" right here.

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I was there. A special moto memory to be able to witness that. To add to the greatness of this, remember this was his first National of the season. He missed the first 4 rounds after demolishing himself in that nasty crash at the Vegas SX finale only ... more »

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I have a 20 and a 21 Husky. So I compare them back to back regularly. I like the short suspension, and the 21/22 stuff just works a little better. The 21/22 2-strokes are really nice. Big part of why I like the shorter suspension is I have really short ... more »

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Another thing to consider when not draining some of these fuels is where you store your bike. I am pretty headache prone from strong chemical smells. If I leave some of these fuels in a bike and it's in my garage it will stink the whole house out. I ... more »

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Your bike should have the crank TDC locating bolt on the lower right side of the cases, under the water pump. It has a thick washer on it. When the washer is removed and the crank is truly at TDC, the bolt will go deep enough in the hole to engage a ... more »

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Pics would help. Most case bolt thread holes have very little metal around them, not enough to be able to drill/tap/insert. In that case, best bet might be to weld/drill/tap. In either case, you're taking everything back apart.