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I would say I have to agree with you about the shock HC being very important to front end weight bias and handling. I wouldn't say it necessarily has to be really stiff but I would say it is a very fine balancing act between getting front bias you want ... more »

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I don't know the exact wiring off the top of my head. I would need to look at a wiring diagram. But I know back in the day cheaters used to disconnect the switch to gain a few rpm's on top. So, perhaps you can just disconnect the switch to test and see ... more »

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Is the throttle cable actually moving the carb slide? Sure doesn't sound like it. Also, might be something with the wiring or start/run switch. It's acting like it's stuck in the Start mode.

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Total revenue, not company value.

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#1, as stated above, many people are running trailer tires that are not rated for the speeds they drive. Not a trip goes by that I don't see some idiot with a trailer driving like he's in a Ferrari. #2, many trailer owners fail to check their trailer ... more »

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Sometimes on the CRF's these thin spacers cause the collar in the center of the spring washer on the countershaft sprocket to crack into 3 or more pieces. Since the sprocket is sitting 1mm further outboard, the collar flexes inward in the middle when ... more »

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PW50 will run like crap with the airbox off or air filter removed. Way too lean. Will bog like a big dog. Put the airbox and filter back on. Make sure the filter has a light coat of filter oil. If the bike is still bogging try running it with the choke ... more »

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Might be an air leak that only appears when things are good and warmed up and expanded and then goes away when things cool down. I had this on my YZ125 at the reed block when using a V-Force. Had to seal it up good with a thin coat of Moto-Seal. Use ... more »

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The stock carb on that bike was a 36mm Keihin PJ. So the 36-PWK is essentially a newer version of the stock carb. Plenty of people running 36's on 125's. Most people will tell you a 36 is easier to jet and gets better bottom response and a 38 maybe has ... more »

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Likely scooters/small bikes in India and other large population Asian countries is where Honda is making numbers. That likely accounts for much of the sales of quite a few companies on there. Our numbers in the US are dwarfed by those types of sales. ... more »

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Not my work, but interesting.

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Coming from low elevations and riding at 10Kft on Thursday is a good way to feel like dog shit for race day on Saturday.

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Many people say the shock feels a tad more supple with the bladder. I've been running the Race Tech bladder kit about 30 hrs with no probs. Haven't heard of any probs with others.

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Stock piston reservoir is a pita for a home garage technician to properly bleed and recharge. Bladder setup is much easier which is why many folks replace the piston setup with a bladder on first rebuild.

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I had to heat my reservoir with a mapp torch and use the biggest strap wrench I could find. Even then, it barely broke loose. I could easily see where if you used just a pin spanner in the holes it would twist or crumple the reservoir. I think the ideal ... more »

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Same prob here. Scott Fury is my current go to for minimum nose pinch/squish. Over the years, I have found that, in general, the top of the line goggles are worse. They tend to have these fancy schmancy quadruple-layer foams that are firmer/thicker and ... more »

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Stock PW? Pump gas all the way. Ethanol free if you can source it easily. Otherwise add some ethanol fuel stabilizer to the can just to reduce gummed up carb headaches. The PW50 I have has a bowl drain screw on the bottom of the carb. I drain the carb ... more »

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Flashback to 2008......,20/What-needs-to-happen-to-take-Motocross-mainstream,138914

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I'm in AZ now but I've lived in some extreme humidity before. The last thing I would do in a humid environment is add more water to the equation. Once gear gets water/sweat logged and doesn't breathe you are cooking. Evaporative cooling needs evaporation ... more »

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How did you handle the cone valve forks since the 2021 has the shorter suspension? Do they make shorter cone valves specifically for these Husky's ?