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Just keep doing what you have been doing... start at the 2.060 and keep making 1/4 turn adjustments richer(SHORTER) and test after each adjustment. You'll probably also need to adjust the idle after each rod adjustment to compensate. If you were to go ... more »

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Looks to me like you have it right. 3.75 turns from the starting point.. and the starting point is when the rod is threaded in just enough so no threads are seen. But all that is basically irrelevant since you already know what your factory set length ... more »

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Done, Mark. Hope he gets a good response and the help he needs.

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Looks like it snagged a ring on the power valve. The power valve must have been extended excessively into the bore. Might be something wrong with the power valve mechanism up top that allowed that to happen.

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Ahhhh.. Honda design F-ups that could easily kill people. Good time to recall the 2013 rear hub 3mm sprocket offset. Yes, let's move the sprocket 3mm outboard but not change anything else. That way, old wheels will still "bolt up" perfectly fine on the ... more »

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The 26" measurement on a bicycle tire is roughly the outside diameter of the tire. The 19" on a motorcycle wheel is the diameter of the rim at the bead surface. So it's not exactly apples to apples and the 26 actually ends up fitting pretty well. On ... more »

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This is not really much of a challenge for you when you have the entire, vast knowledge of Vital and its recently improved search function at your disposal.

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The wear marks are likely from the carb vent hoses, right? Do you think that was overpacked with grease and split open from hydraulic pressure?? Wow....

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Honda cases are not a "matched set". You can replace case halves individually. The halves are not a machine fit to each other and use a paper gasket in the center. You should plan to vapor blast the old, right case as it is likely stained from years ... more »

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Sent to who ?

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From the 125/150 Service Manual. I assume the 250/300 are also LH thread.

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Both of those are way lean and you got lucky I'd say. Full carbon coverage over the entire top of the pistons due to high temps. Ideally you want to be rich enough to have some piston wash so that the carbon does not cover the entire top. What do the ... more »

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There was another thread on this last year. This is common to both the 250 and 350 (same engine/tensioner).,42/New-2020-KTM-350sxf-Loud-Engine-Noise,1370573 You'll see in that thread I installed the ... more »

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Yes, MAPP will work. As long as you get the metal cherry red it will be soft enough to move. Of course some dents can be creased hard enough or oddly enough that nothing is going to work. If you use oxy/acet you might just burn a hole through.

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If only we had common sense nation wide. Also, hopefully the blue wave influx from CA doesn't F'up AZ too much. And.. the law is what it is, but no one should take it as open season to start blasting. I strongly suggest a concealed carry class for anyone ... more »

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To reiterate your point, The OP is in AZ and I am quoting AZ statutes here. Everyone check and know the laws of your respective jurisdiction. That being said -- Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) (2018) Title 13. Criminal Code Chapter 4. Justification ... more »

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I've had experience before where the combo of a HC piston and a high lift cam (stage-2) resulted in the need to run race gas to prevent pinging. Sure, you could remap it for pump gas, but then what's the point?

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Your tank might still be fine/usable. Likely what happened is when the bike laid over gas came out the overflow tubes on the carb and caught fire from footpeg sparks. The tank should be good unless the subsequent fire melted it. Take the tank off the ... more »

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Do you need an adopted brother that races the Vet class?