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How would RV feel if Dungey responded to his comments by saying "well, maybe if he hadn't rode over his head trying to beat me he wouldn't have crashed and broke his leg."

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Yep, same with the accelerator pump diaphragm. The rubber can get stretched, weak, or cracked. Tim, it is not an "air screw" on a 4-stroke. It is a fuel-screw. It works in conjunction with the pilot jet to meter fuel at very small throttle openings. ... more »

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I get Yamaha parts from Service Honda. I guess it would be Service-Yamaha in this case. Pretty cheap and no hassles.

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The heat can get anyone at anytime. Does not matter where you are from, how good of shape you are in, or how much you tried to hydrate. And, as said above, once it zaps you, you are pretty much done for the day. It takes time to overcome that once you ... more »

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Yeah, because 2 strokes never used to foul plugs on the line or anything like that...

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Supercross the Movie starting on Fx right now!!

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I've had great luck with Bel-Ray H1R, Maxima Super-M, Maxima K2, and the Motul 800. I have used all of them under extreme conditions in beach races and had no probs. I currently use the K2, but I say try any of these and stick with the one that works ... more »

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I don't need guns. All the illegal aliens here in AZ will protect me. Haven't you heard they are decent, hard working folks?

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I love my van. I have a 99 Ford E250, 3/4 ton. Had it since new with very few problems. It is so bitchin' for moto. I can put my bike in the back and take it to work and then leave right from work to go riding. No need to go home to get everything. Bike, ... more »

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There's no need to choose between the neck brace and chest pro. I wear both. I use the HRP Flak-Jak LT-IMS. LT mans it's designed to work with the Leatt and IMS means it's the model with the air cushion padding. They also have just a regular Flak-jak ... more »

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Damn 2-strokes !!!!!

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Somebody tries to come in my garage and take a bike and they are going out backwards with a .45 slug in their chest. I mean, if they threaten me and after I try all non-lethal methods of subduing them, of course.

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Roost can definitely hurt you. I got hit square in the face one time by a baseball sized rock. Broke off the chin part of my helmet and I saw stars for about a lap. I had to keep reaching up and pulling the chin guard away from my goggles.

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Best wishes to Mike and the rest of his MD crew. Hang in there guys.

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My silencer took a core sample like that once, only it was from my arm....

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Yeah, Jeff Ward, not to mention the GOAT. RC is 5'3", maybe 5'4" on a good day. I've seen him listed as 5'6" but that is BS. I am 5'7" and towered over him when I met him. I feel your pain. Like I said, I am 5-7, but I probably have the same inseam as ... more »

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little kid, I dunno.... what's him name? Borsha? I dunno.. ..doesn't matter..... LOL...

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The coolant was dumping out pretty good. It looked like RV looked down and realized he needed to get it back to the pits quick before it all ran out. His mechanic jumped o quick and they scooted out. It looked like he was trying to be hasty about it ... more »

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In 2000 my buddy and I both had new CR250's. He has an inside track and got special treatment on a full blown PC motor for his bike. I rode both back to back and liked stock better. The PC engine was a total light-switch. no bottom end and then a wicked ... more »

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I liked when Bubba debuted the Nike boots at Anaheim-1 and then thanked Alpinestars on the podium. That was pretty cool.