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So what if they didn't get the color of Team Nami's bikes right. SUPERCROSS the Movie will still be good for the sport, right?

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That is a good idea. I can not breathe through my nose from goggle pressure. I'll look into these. The only problem is the Hustle is an all new line with it's own series of lenses and tear offs. Guess I won't be able to use the mountains of 80's series ... more »

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Don't worry, you can feel bad for us November to March when you are staring at your bike in the garage while we ride. I'm from PA and I've ridden all over the world. Yeah, there's is nice dirt up north but there are also rain storms that turn that dirt ... more »

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Nope. 2002 or 2003, most likely 2003. in 2004 RC missed the SX series for knee surgery and then raced the CRF450 outdoors.

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Good luck Bro! Well, at least you'll be all recovered and ready to go by PHX SX ride day.

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I have it on VHS somewhere. Maybe I'll dig it out and transfer it to PC...someday ..LOL! Yeah it was a good race. Narita had a lot of potential but never hit it big in the US. He went back to Japan and won the National championship a few times. He's ... more »

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Cyg, I am flying up Friday morn and bringing 2 friends from Japan. Don't know if we will be able to make it down from Denver but will keep it in mind.

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He's just waiting for a bunch of pervs to reply until he tells us she's 16.

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Nice, RIdge, Good luck !

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Buying a 91 KX125...

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Dirt bikes are such a small part of the overall powersports industry. Most shops do not center their business around off-road and instead focus on street bikes, quads, and jet skis. to most shops, dirt bikes and the people who purchase/ride them are ... more »

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do tell....

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Yep, I did the Twigg demo ride at Antietam. Think I remember riding the 92 CR's there. I know Honda used to have a demo program for street bikes and there would be a few select models at some dealers. I rode a few of them. Victory has a really good demo ... more »

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Very cool. Congrats to you guys. Best of luck to him.

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J-Bone ... Albrecht.

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It all depends what the condition and setup of each bike was.

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The rings are not seated yet or you did not seat them properly. Oil blow-by. How do you know it is rich? What is it doing? You left a rag in the airbox?

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Yeah, he should stick to his native language for his tattoos. Just like all the Americans with Japanese and Chinese writing all over themselves !

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