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On many bikes you cannot spin the rear wheel by hand even when the clutch is 100% due to some drag that still exists. Have you tried starting the bike and putting it in gear and seeing if the bike stalls or creeps due to clutch drag?

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Skipped steps 2 and 3, stolen by wheelie boyz, crushed by police.

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In order to adapt to America he's going to need a lot more gratuitous air revs.

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Just curious what kind of strange creatures you may have in your backyard. I live in an area of Arizona that has some very unique wildlife. Some found nowhere else in the USA. This is a Black-tailed Rattlesnake I saw on a mountain bike ride the other ... more »

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KTM/Husky already did the work for you. The Husky has 10mm lower suspension on both ends which makes the seat 25mm lower. In the front, the forks are physically 10mm shorter. In the back, the difference is all in the Husky linkage and then the shock ... more »

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I "think" that should all be the same. Pretty sure all the difference between the 2-strokes and 4-strokes is in the valving cartridge in the right leg.

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Yes, in 21 they made the bypass changes in the air cartridge and behind the outer leg oil seal. And I think added the bottoming bumper. Def try to stay 21 or newer if possible. Also, be careful not to pick up 21-22 Husky forks as they are shorter.

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Which track? Where is it?

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Prior to 2020, going up 1 tooth to a 51 was pretty much done by everyone. So in 2020 they made 51T stock. A 13 on the front is going to be really tight whether 50 or 51 on back. But it's cheap and easy enough to try. Might as well.

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To the point of the previous 2 posters, I'd reckon 90%+ of WP XACT Pro buyers do it mainly to get springs instead of air.... 40% don't even know what "cone valve" is... and 25% remove the cones and replace with traditionally flat shim midvalve. Of that ... more »

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From WP's literature - Cone Valve Forks - "Extreme longevity due to the use of only high-quality materials" Trax Shock - "Extreme durability due to the use of high-tech materials" For whatever that's worth..LOL Can you really claim something has enhanced ... more »

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Stretched frame?

Seriously though, I'd also look at the pivot holes in the frame. Might be egged out as well.
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Is the engine all stock? I had a 2012 CRF450. Those bikes were so weak in stock form. I put a high-comp piston in, re-map, and a muffler.. was much better but signed off a little early on top. Put a stage-2 cam in which helped the over-rev, but then ... more »

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It's a 125 man.. LOL I know what you mean about having to hit 4th when you're still mid corner in a sweeper. Even on somewhat tight-ish tracks I will be 2-5 almost every straight and on one more open track I have to use 6th at 2 different spots. I wouldn't ... more »

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Just fill the filter with oil and when it starts soaking thru stick it in there and put the cover on. Basically same effect as filling the cavity 1/3.

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Most likely cause is not being fully bled. How did you bleed it? It only takes a little air in the slave to cause this. Did you bench bleed the slave completely before hooking the line back up and re-installing it? Even with bench bleeding the slave, ... more »

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I am a big fan of 350's and also ride a 125. But I am 60 lbs less than you. The newer 250F's are really good. But, if I was your size and only going to have 1 bike it would be a 450. The Austrian 450's are exceptionally smooth and easy to control. The ... more »

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Ahhh those vids are everything.. being young and just having a blast at a local basher spot. And that YZ is CRISP!

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The sensor in the airbox is the IAT (Intake Air Temp) sensor. The EFI on MX bikes does compensate for conditions, to some extent. There is the IAT, the MAP sensor, the coolant temp sensor, the TPS, etc. The ECU uses these to make slight adjustments to ... more »

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Based on your posts and my posts in this thread, I've come to the conclusion you are much more sensitive to proper jetting than I am and I am much more tolerant of shit jetting, LOL