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Did both at the same time!!! Someone (who I believes posts here, because I saw someone who said they were going to be doing this) had a KICK, ASS setup in the Lot A campgrounds where they were showing the fight on a huge projector screen for everyone

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Sorry this isn’t boobies.... but I saw this guy from a distance and thought “that’s gotta just be some asshole in a ghillie suit, right???” NOPE!! It indeed was THE Whoop Monster from Millville himself!!!!!!

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Another home run from Red Bull Media House.. this video speaks to my soul...,17407/GD2,43126

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Millville. Hands down. Without a doubt. For sure. Anyone touting Cali tracks is only doing so because they either 1) want to get the GP riders as out of their comfort level as possible, or 2) wants to plan a vacation to Southern California, rather than ... more »

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I was under the impression it was for FIM sound compliance too... H4L, I think the longer silencer the woods guys run that you're referring to is a spark arrestor?

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Guys.... As much as it pains me to say this... I don't know if there's any bike that Travis would've looked good on. Not in those conditions, anyways. Poor dude must need an IV drip of penetrating oil just to loosen up enough to even get up in the morning.. ... more »

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oh geez, how did I not think of that.... good call man, they have the exact one I wanted

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They quickly sold out of the couple of styles of event shirts that I liked over the weekend at MXdN, and at $35 a shirt I didn't want to settle for something I wasn't super stoked on, but now I regret not getting one at all (also forgot to buy a nice ... more »

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EDIT: Just realized this is an old post brought back to life... Bahaha.... Beat me to it!

Hope I acquire his barely ridden KX500 just like how I acquired his barely ridden '96 CR250 McGrath replica! (lol not knocking you, OP! However I have ... more »
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We dropped the $450 a pop on the Holeshot Club VIP tickets.... WORTH, EVERY, PENNY to have the covered tent, tons of personal space and elbow room, TVs showing the race, free sodas/waters/snacks, killer lunch spread on Sunday, free VIP parking area etc ... more »

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Got the text message about it yesterday shortly after landing at CLT coming back from Red Bud.... my heart immediately dropped for KP... keeping my eyes on Ross's updates and sending all the positive vibes I can Kyle's way. As I understand it, he was ... more »

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He sure did.... I remember thinking "Shit #18 just sent it!!! Who the fck is #18?!"

Looked good doing it!
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They LOOK sick.... but a dyno chart showing the power curve with yours vs. stock exhaust would really, really help justify/set your price point.... or are they just supposed to look cool??

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Special purse for the Triple Crown series winner?????

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Recap: - Tixier brought his own (built) engine and suspension, rented a bike to put it in - Tixier blew up his built engine, so he was forced to use the stock one Takeaway: - I can't believe I wanna "cool story bro" someone who's been posting here for ... more »

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We walked the track after the race... it was sooo insanely soft, wet, and practically bottomless sand in most areas. This is not an excuse - it’s a fact that US riders hardly ever ride, race or train in a deep wet sand mix like what was at Red Bud this

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as much as I hate these pointless "IF" threads........... Searle had Tomac's number all weekend it seemed. Seemed like Eli was always behind Tommy, and the gap never realy changed. Searle was obviously gutted at the DNF, and rightfully so

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Lol... Easy now, Straya... Kids got talent and will be a contender, but AMA Nationals are NOT the GPs (as Team USA learned yesterday, on a very very GP like track, which is very not normal for here). Now, 2020 could be a different story once he's had ... more »