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I love getting into the technical "how and why" of products.. It's a shame when you learn the truth and see how the general consumer can be taken advantage of by deceptive marketing if they don't know any better..

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This came up in another thread when I expressed my disdain for the word "motorcross" (shivers)... I still want to hear from DC himself on this one.. Even though my head wants to explode when I see the word.. DC!! The people want to know where you stand! ... more »

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Nice, I didn't know they were being sold in the US. I studied abroad in Germany during college and would buy MOTO mags (in German) to help me study the language.

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This weeks Pulp show was my first time hearing him interview... Can't believe for as closely as I follow the sport that I never knew how rad this kid is! Totally loved his personality and style. Definitely a fan of the seven-deuce-deuce now. Hoping to ... more »

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The thought of Brad Lackey throwin some "leg swag" makes me giggle..

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Sorry to derail from the old school theme, but wanted to share this... Check out this totally ridic BMX track they've built near me just outside of Charlotte, NC to host the 2017 World BMX Championships YES, this is a BMX track, not a SX track!!! They've

... more »
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F'innnggggggggg RIGHT!
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General comment - I'd be shocked if a company put this much R&D into such a game changing product and cut corners on the quality of it's most critical purpose..

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Looks like a sweet event, Rupert! Ohio seems to hold its own on moto events, rallys etc. Really want to check out the Mid-Ohio Vintage Days (and stake out the original Penton building like a pre-teen girl stalking Justin Bieber).. Since you're in Newark,

... more »
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THAS RAAHT!! Show them furners that us mericans are all about two things: winning championships and beef jerky; and we's all outta beef jerky!

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eeeyup. This is why we can't have nice things...

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WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU KENNY!!! Or should I use your real name, KENKOVI ROCVECHKIN!!!! (In Soviet Russia, bike ride you!!)
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Really, really want to do an exotic riding trip / moto-vacation with my father before he's ready to hang up the boots (he's only 55 so we've got time)... I'm a MX guy at heart but I absolutely love jukin and jivin through an aggressive woods ride! I ... more »

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Biggest take away here, for me anyways, is that this kind of technology will eventually be the norm. Remember about 10 years ago when back-up cameras only came in high end cars like Infinity, Benz etc? Now they're in almost every new car.. In fact, they ... more »

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The resident Swede's of Vital are sayin Noren has nothing lined up for next year yet, citing his lack of Supercross success as the main reason. Not sure if Feddie will go all "van down by the river" status on us and pay his own way to some Supercross ... more »

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They make them while you sleep..

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If it's such an advantage yet is still allowed, why doesn't everyone do it? Yea, marinade on that one for a minute..

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Eh... Pretty obvious it's just someone just trying to make his buddies laugh. Could have been executed much better though.. North Hills is an area suburb of Pittsburgh (where I was born and raised)... Not exactly the side of town where people of the ... more »