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This absolutely the deepest field ever. And that’s missing the 25

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Ok you can stop now. Very nice

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Once or twice? He surely didn’t make it a habit of catching Eli

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It’s not April first yet.

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Never bet against Tomac. He has a couple mediocre races and people act like it’s curtains(he got married had a kid,new team mate is better) Tomac is a great rider and has three outdoor titles and 28 sx 450 wins. Seventh all time.

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He rode like a total badass. It was great to see the aggression and passion. The contact took away from what he did. He could have passed him on that lap anyway.

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After the heat Roczen won Blair was commenting on how he liked his bike so much and it was perfect. He said Roczen told them to not touch it just put it on the stand and wait for the main. Then after the main Roczen said they made some changes and it ... more »

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Hill not giving up and coming back to a decent finish. Noble actually getting in there and being racy. Hartraft getting some consistent podium finishes.

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If only people pass d him as agressivly as he passes them he would lose his mind.

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(Except competition) which means they will be labeled competition only Problem solved

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So when McGrath raced no one remembers anyone but him? Flawed logic for sure. People remember Deegan for the ghost ride. People remember Windham and Larocco for those rides and wins. Tomac is one of the all time greats even though he has no sx titles ... more »

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Chrysler paid its back within one year and ford did not take a bail out.

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They do a good job of making stories and just repeating them over and over.

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Win a lcq

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Dang I have a 03 in Indiana. Runs great

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He is hardly lucky he is the most inconsistent rider with the worst starts. And somehow has more wins and usually in the title hunt.

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Upset when Tomac wins his first sx title? By some of these post you would think he was a 8-13 place guy with little to no chance. I think him and Roczen both have the best chances at a win.

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Topeka is east? Shouldn’t that be central?

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Is baggett still not on the pre entry list?

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I’m ready