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Lupine up to 25th he’s killing it.

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He barely tipped over and said his bars were bent? I’ve seen way worse crashes and better come backs than that.

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I have always liked him and think he is as good as we are going to get. Be positive

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I think the wrong angle is being looked at. Instead of E bikes replacing ice bikes the would be an option to them. The thought that they will come in and just replace them is flawed thinking.

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He is so humble and better than expected.

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I wish they would do the 2001 husky theme. I liked the bit of yellow on it

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It was a great race enjoy it for what it is. It doesn’t need compared to other races just enjoy we are having what we have.

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2000. 2001 2002 kx250 graphics oem/stock needing shrouds or complete kits.

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No one was passing it was the lamest race I’ve seen in forever.

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Loving the yellow rear on the huskies looks great on the track. I just wished gasgas would have picked a unused color like purple or light blue.

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I’m glad it is the way it is. I don’t dislike monster but tired of it being on everything green or Kawasaki.

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I totally love this design and definitely buying one. Why does it not have monster logos? I’m glad it don’t but does this mean anything sponsor wise or no?

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If you are from Canada aren’t you an American? Even if your from Mexico your an American. Aren’t we all from North America?

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When will 22 become available? I would be stoked to see Jett get it.

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100 percent badd ass flick. Nothing but great things to see coming from this cat.

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I’m in Marion county he will probably move it to red the week of. That’s how disappointing 2020 was so I’m sure 2021 will continue till the vaccine comes widely available.

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Such a class act by Dungey and the rest. Did you have to get a colostomy? Your post and many others above are great. I’m not a good rider just want to get close to normal again.