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All the best Kawi's run #43 :o)
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2006 Matterley Basin MXdN I shot this pic of Everts giving Stewart a cornering clinic.

Cairoli was there, he won the 2nd moto (MX2/Open) outright on his 250f. Cracking weekend, it rounded out my wife and i's honeymoon nicely!
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That's not my experience of Specialized's warranty replacement. Had a replacement frameset for my Epic FSR within 10 days of my local dealer receiving the bike and assessing a crack. Wife got a new Roval wheel when the hub failed on her Stumpy no questions ... more »

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Search for Seely riding his ‘73 Elsinore recently. Pretty cool.

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Turned out a peach. Well done. I have PC works pipe envy lol

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I run a rad valve, 38mm PWK Air Striker and PC exhaust / Silencer with mine. It’s stock bore and stroke, with mild porting. Can’t vouch for the V Force. The rad valve has been on since I was 16, i’m 42 now 😂 Has always ran crisp and pulls well.

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Really wanted to the see the US lads on the box this year. The effort that El Hombre and Zach went too to acclimatise prior to the event is truly admirable, they deserve the upmost respect from not just their fellow countryman, but the global mx community. ... more »

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Mathes know’s what’s up Tony, absolutely scandalous to put a 4 banger ahead of the H1/H2 gen KX, ffs! ‘91, ‘92 then ‘94 as my top 3 from a life long Kawi guy. Still own the ‘91 too!

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Man that did give me goosebumps. My wife and I went straight to Matterley after flying home from our honeymoon. Still stands out as the best moto event I’ve ever witnessed. Atmosphere there that weekend was incredible.

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Looks like a YCF with a Yamaha style decal kit to me

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Was really looking forward to giving this podcast a listen, got sidetracked a little and have ended up catching all four in the space of this past week. Just finished listening to Fro, always been a massive fan, was thoroughly entertained by him and ... more »

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Enfield and Cumbria councils, as well as a few others north of the border, have rolled out road surfaces with plastic pellet binder mix. Of course, it would take

... more »
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Is live TV growing the sport in the US? Is it bringing new people to moto or catering to those that already have MX bikes in the garage? It seems like a major constraint to the format of both race day format and series schedule. Would a delayed broadcast ... more »

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It's all about the home life!

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This guy gets it.

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I could see them doing 92 kits for the CR, the blue tank for the 91 might profit them doing for that year.

Started new thread UFO making 92/93 PC KX125 Splitfire Plastic Kits 10/4/2018 3:09 PM

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What a downer.

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If that is true and they'd rather stay at home than give Marv a reprieve, then that's an absolute pathetic stance from the French Federation. Letting stubbornness stand in the way of them sending their best chance of retaining the Chamberlain Trophy ... more »

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Get yourself on Lots of inspiration on there and plenty posters from Europe too with single garage builds. Beware though, you can lose hours on that forum really easily