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It's just shocking to me how the Youthstream doesn't think the lack of riders is a problem. Don't get me wrong, the 20-ish regular guys are GOOD (with the exeption of the few local dudes in every round like there was in Turkey), but the field just screams ... more »

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Looks mint, I'm in.

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Well, neither has Bradshaw for example and still there is a ton of Bradshaw fans out there. There's no obsession, I just miss having someone like him in the sport to bring a little color into it...

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Beautiful bikes and nice place you live in, congrats dude

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Wasn't a huge fan of this kid until this video dropped. Kinda makes me tolerate the whole Monster-Dirtshark-bro thing a lot better

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Lucky you dude, that's a gem in any collection

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Share your wildest/best Jlaw stories and recent-ish sightings of him (if there is any). He used to be my hero when I was like 14 and didn't really know what he was all about, and he still is somewhat interesting dude in my opinion. Like him or not, he

... more »

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Luongo is a greedy dicatator that should be overthrown ASAP: What a fucking joke, European motocross is way better than what YS thinks it is.

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Team Estonia: Tanel Leok MXGP Harri Kullas MX3 Erki Kahro MX2 Solid A-final team for sure, could do a TOP10 on a good day. Kahro currently rides a 450, but I think he would be the most natural choice to ride the small bike.

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That's a very good point, I'd change Geerts to Lieber on a 250 on any given day. Geerts is a good rider, but I think Lieber could really excel on a track like Red Bud.

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Full gate in all three big bike classes in Loket, looks good. Looking forward to both races for sure.

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Those chaps are just amazing, such a fine piece of clothing right there. Need to order a pair and rock them with nothing underneath them.

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Really hard to get a decent ride right now in the GP's. Top teams pay really good for sure, but a B or C level team is a different story since there is no prize money at all as there is in the US. And I guess the transition is harder for an American ... more »

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Larry Enticer would send it

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I really like the game. The whips are not great and the track deformation needs some work, but I think it's the best Milestone MX game so far. I played MX-simulator a lot back in the days, so Milestone is unable to impress me with the "realism", but ... more »

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I think Axel Hodges area of expertise include mostly taking mean rips from the bong while getting his balls licked by Dirt Shark, who happens to be his big brother. It's obvious that Hodges has some serious skills on a dirt bike, but I just cannot deal ... more »

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The photoshop level on this one is high, bros. Looks like a set of ribs wrapped around a huge piece of turd with Showa suspension. Part of me would love to see more of competitive e-bikes pop up, but I guess their time is still far ahead of us.

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Cool stuff Rupert, love seeing SX from a little different perspective.