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If you’re worried about the tailgate being down just hook a tie down to the tailgate and pull it up. I always loaded mine straight behind driver so I could use the rear view mirror. With the tailgate pulled up nothing will fall out.

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That’s a fact! I don’t care how tough you are a kidney stone will bring the baddest man down. I’ve broken a lot of bones but nothing compares to kidney stones.

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What kind of trailer? I have some friends that run hot shot transportation that live in north Alabama. They might could help you out.

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How big is it compared to a klx110? Being 6’3” and having my butt ride on the rear fender is what lead me to give up on pitbikes. That thing looks wicked. ????

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Elbows @mxracer300

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Desperate for another Stewart thread?

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Mine came from having my elbows up to high. I was about 13 and had just started racing. A fast Pro rider told me I needed to have my elbows up. I guess I got a little carried away with it. My riding buddies started calling me elbows after that!

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A buddy brings me a 85 Cr125 and says I want you to rebuild the engine it’s locked up. I take it apart and the crank is toast. Cylinder and piston still look good. Bike is in really nice shape. Filter has zero dirt on it. Rear tire is slick. I call him ... more »

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I had a 6x12 and it just wasn’t big enough even with just two bikes. 7x16 would be ideal imo.

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Wishing Eric a speedy recovery!

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I’m not exactly sure when it closed but I’m thinking in the early 90’s maybe. You don’t see many tracks where you have to cross a creek twice. Rogersville had a huge creek you had to cross in the first turn. They built a bridge to cross back over. You ... more »

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I sure do! Man that was a rough track. They had some big races there. Billy Liles would usually show up for the big money races and smoke everyone.

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Had my 96 CR250 working perfect but had to have the 97 with the new aluminum frame. I hated that thing from day one.

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No doubt. That was one of the best bikes I ever owned. Can’t believe I sold it to get that new Aluminum framed 97 model. That was the worst bike I have ever owned!

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Honda engine with comet or cat pump. Mine is over 20 years old and never had to do anything to it. Northern tool is your best bet as others have mentioned.

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81 Cr’s with that snow plow number plate.

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My dad turns 90 in February and still rides a lot. Mostly touring on his Goldwing but he still likes to hit the trails on his his dual sport. He did a 70 mile ride on the dual sport a few months ago. Once your hooked it never goes away.

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Bingo! Once you learn the balance point it becomes second nature. I got a unicycle for Christmas one year as a kid. It took me a good two months to find my balance but once things clicked I could ride for miles. Even after not riding one for years I ... more »

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And that’s the reason I flattened mine out a few years ago. It’s way to much trouble.