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Ooo, I need these bad babies!!

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Dude this was so sick. Untapped market in the mx community

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DMC Performance in Bay Park (between Mission Bay and old town) 1471 Morena Blvd, San Diego Tell him Jacob sent you

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Man that track looks sweet! I'm based in LA - trade labor for ride time once quarantine is over?

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I think he should be fired from PC, DQ'd from the series, and be forced to break up with his fiance for cutting the track. My children were in tears when they saw him do that and it infuriated me to the point that I kicked a hole in my TV because of ... more »

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Where’d you get your fork tubes done?

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First time ever getting some good parts on my bike - Raptor pegs - Galfer front brake - Hinson clutch (being added today with cover) - Cycra plastics - Steel braided brake line - Arc Levers - Emig grips - Dubya wheels (My favorite part of the whole build)

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I got that same email as well, called up and got it done. Only thing is that they “cancel” your SX gold pass (they’ll send you an email) and then reinstate it with the SX+MX gold pass. Also, they charge you the $54 (for the MX pass) and then reimburse ... more »

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That thing is a work of art, oh my goodness. If you were able to kashima cost the uppers and DLC the lowers I think you would have the perfect bike

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Definitely don’t think you guys would have collided mid air. Definitely didn’t cut off your buddy. Sucks he crashed but I think you’re overreacting.

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Try logging out and logging back in

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I have these used parts I can sell for cheap if anybody wants them. - 2016 CRF450 Stock exhaust, has maybe 10 hours on it. Can sell the whole system but the right muffler has a hole in it. $40 for the whole thing + Shipping - 997 Renthal bars $60 - 2016

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Brand new KYB kit for 4300? Spring or Air?

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Now way! I also have a friend named Brian who lives in SD that has an Alta! What are the odds

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Hey guys, I saw this post on Facebook and this guy that wants to invest in opening up a track wants more interest before he goes and pulls the trigger on starting everything up. I think what he wants is for people to either like or comment on his post

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