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I was already overdue a haircut before lockdown and was beginning to think I'd land up looking like a 70s rock singer so I took the plunge and did it myself with my stubble trimmer as you can't buy hair clippers for love nor money. It was a bit intimidating ... more »

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Just revisiting this thread as Enduro 21 has a neat piece on how Jarvis transitioned to the TPi by his mechanic Damien Butler. Sounds like fuel economy was a big plus factor. Also Jarvis uses a Rekluse clutch but not the auto. https://enduro21.com/index.php/extreme/3253-how-graham-jarvis-sets-up-his-2018-husqvarna-te-300i ... more »

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Russia now has the second highest number of cases globally. And if that wasn't bad enough - this from BBC: A fire at a St Petersburg hospital has killed five coronavirus patients in an intensive care unit. The blaze was apparently started by a short-circuit

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No masks, no social distancing.

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It's weird the Africa has got off so lightly, as least so far. One of the contributing factors could be that the average African is relatively static. Car ownership is very low and there isn't much mass/public transport so those infected with it don't ... more »

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If you think I'm going waste 40 irretrievable minutes of my life watching a YouTube video because some anonymous soul on an internet forum thinks I should, it's not me that needs the help matey, it's you.

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You're 100% sure based on.... that? Whatever floats your boat mate.

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I see. So to summarise, the UK, US and Italian authorities are falsely inflating their death figures and you're basing this on a video some bloke posted on YouTube. Go it.

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Are you seriously suggesting that the UK are fiddling the death numbers upwards? Nurse !

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Vaccines for MERS and SARS are still being developed. Viral vaccine development can take decades. I'm not sure what you mean about them being more deadly than C19? There were under 10,000 deaths worldwide for MERS and SARS combined. For ref: http://www.emro.who.int/health-topics/mers-cov/mers-outbreaks.html ... more »

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There are reports of Russian doctors throwing themselves out of windows. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/three-russian-doctors-have-fallen-from-hospital-windows-in-two-weeks-amid-reports-of-dire-conditions/2020/05/06/c3ca73f4-8f88-11ea-a9c0-73b93422d691_story.html ... more »

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C19 is here and here to stay. It's likely that it's been contracted by only a fraction of the world population so far and will continue to infect future generations. That a new version of it may appear doesn't mean that C19 will somehow disappear.

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Apparently the C19 mutations are only minor and not enough to require different vaccines. Not quite sure on your point about a vaccine not ever being produced because it will be rare one day (?). It was pretty rare in January and there are currently ... more »

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If you're going to preach ''forsite and education'' may I suggest you might be more successful at it if you actually spelt 'foresight' correctly? You're a fucking idiot.

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You're right that more testing will = more cases but if distancing is working it doesn't necessarily mean that new case numbers should go down as such, it could mean that the rate of increase is just lower. I don't think that there's any doubt that distancing ... more »

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To be fair Euros were always better originally, Americans got good then dominant in the 80's and now it's more even with the Euro's edging it. So it's gone full circle really. I remember Tony DiStefano racing a British GP one time in the 70's and getting ... more »